Do you want more? More travel comfort, more quality, more sophistication? If so, the Malibu van is your perfect holiday companion. It combines the compact dimensions of a van with the comfort claim of a large motorhome. There are many vans, but only one Malibu van. It is the van full of innovation. Be it in the concept or the detail – the experience of more than 40 years of motorhome construction and the ingenuity of its developers is in every Malibu van. The product of many years of work. You can feel it on every day of your holiday. For example, in the unique living and sleeping comfort, the unbelievably large and functional storage space which has been worked out to the last detail, in the complex and comprehensive main body insulation for travelling 365 days of the year or in the extremely stable furniture construction with long-term quality.


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Desnee PennellsMalibu Van driver since about one year
We absolutely love our Malibu Van and we are amazed at the storage space and comfort. We have downsized from a Carthago Highliner and don't regret a thing! Fabulous van!
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James AshworthMalibu Van driver since about three years
When we were looking for a van I think we checked every van on the market. The Malibu Van 640 LE was far better in every way, design, build comfort and thought by the designers and builders. The attention to detail is second to none.
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Reisemobil International 03/2020Test drive: Charming Coupé 600 DB
“You can see straight away that the Malibu vans are stylish box-type vans with high quality equipment from top to bottom.”
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Camper Vans 02/2020(Test drive: Charming Coupé 600 DB)
“The double floor in the half dinette is also used as a storage compartment. The high-quality metal stays which Malibu uses everywhere stand out here.”
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promobil online 06/2020 Introduction: Malibu Van Charming Coupé
“The “integrated driver’s cabin” provides masses of space”. Just like the Charming GT, the Coupé does away with an overhead storage cabinet above the cockpit – creating lots of air and space above the seating group, just like a motorhome. ”
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Camper Vans 02/2020Test drive: Charming Coupé 600 DB
“Behind the seating group there is ... the washroom, which is easily accessed via a sliding door. Because the toilet can be swivelled underneath the bed in the rear, there is even more room for showering. Thanks to the folding shower divider ... the only things that get wet are those that are supposed to.”

Embedded in the owner-operated Carthago Group, every Malibu Van now benefits from the innovative strength, top class technology and quality claim of the motorhome premium class. This leads to the unique Malibu added value promise – a Malibu Van is always the “best van in class”.