Malibu motorhomes have special characteristics and advantages which cannot be found in this combination in any other motor- home on the market. This added value, which is typical of the brand, can be felt and experienced on every tour that you make with your Malibu: with additional functionality, additional comfort, additional storage space and additional sense of well-being. That has always been our added value promise to you. The Malibu models in GENERATION M set the bar even higher in the upper class!


The Malibu bodywork is consistently oriented to what Malibu drivers want: long-term carefree driving and motorhome value retention. That is why we put our faith in long-term quality – in the high-stability materials that are used as well as the modern processing technology. Instead of the conventional body connection using point-by-point dowel or screw connections, we use an extremely stable and thermal bridge-free connection using form-fitted bonded frame members and PU toothing profiles. An important difference!

Thermal bridge-free roof/wall connection
Protection from hailstones from GRP roof
Side wall / floor connection using high-stability frame member
Extra-low rear garage
GRP floor underside
Seitz S4 main cabin window
Flat side windows
4-piece rear frame


  Malibu main body construction Frequently used standard main body construction
Waterproofing guarantee 10 years Usually significantly less
Wall structure Aluminium wall exterior, hard foam insulating core made from moisture-resistant RTM and water-repellent PU reinforcements Exterior walls often made from GRP, insulation via water-sensitive EPS foam, wooden frame as connecting/reinforcing element
Roof/wall connection High-stability frame member, bonded formfitting with side-on collision protection effect Roof and wall screwed together point-by-point with sealing tape and covering profile
GRP hailstone and  
stone impact protection
 Standard: Roof top and underfloor made from GRP Wooden underfloor with maintenance-intensive protective coating, roof surface made from hailstone-sensitive aluminium
Attachments Side aprons made from extruded aluminium profile, segmented into multiple sections. Multi-part rear frame and separate rear bumper Sensitive moulded plastic parts without segmenting, and no separate rear bumper


Is having a good climate particularly important to you when you are on the move? If so, a Malibu motorhome is the perfect companion for you! Regardless of the time of year: you will always have a real feel-good climate in the Malibu. How is that possible? On the one hand, we provide the driver’s cabin area, the technical components, the storage compartment and the main cabin door entrance with targeted heating, and on the other hand the heat circulates through the entire double floor. This means that there is always a pleasant climate inside the motorhome – even at freezing outside temperatures. And vice versa, when it’s hot outside, the Malibu is nice and cool. Since that which insulates and heats in winter provides perfect protection from the heat in the summer.

Dashboard front with heat radiation
Fully heated double floor
Heating for cold-sensitive areas
Underfloor heating effect


  Malibu heating and air conditioning equipment Frequently used standard heating and air conditioning equipment
Year-round use Winter-proof motorhome with year-round comfort Only “suitable for winter use” or conditionally suitable for comfortable year-round use
Underfloor heating effect The entire double floor is heated with a climate storage function and underfloor heating effect as standard No heated double floor, separate underfloor heating required 
Heating for cold-sensitive areas Additional warm air outlets throughout  the vehicle, targeted heating of all technical components and cold-sensitive locations Cold-sensitive areas such as door entrances, tanks and storage compartments often do not have additional targeted heating
Dashboard heating (A-Class) Dashboard with targeted heating with wide-area heating effect for pleasant heat radiation in driver’s cabin No additional dashboard heating therefore greater amount of cold radiation from windscreen 


All Malibu motorhomes provide lots of room thanks to the extra-large double floor and many easily accessible storage compartments, so that your holiday luggage is stowed away safely and neatly in an instant. Bulky luggage such as camping furniture and skis can be stowed away in an optimum way in the central through-loading storage compartment. Thanks to the LED lighting in the through-loading double floor, you always have an overview of your luggage. Your Malibu motorhome is easily and conveniently loaded from the outside via numerous large external hatches. The large, self-supporting living area floor hatch in the living and kitchen area gives you convenient access to the extra deep storage compartments from the interior. And the double floor also acts as climate storage to protect your cargo from frost.

All Malibu motorhomes provide lots of room thanks to the extra-large double floor and many easily accessible storage compartments
Large, heated double floor storage compartment (usable height up to 48 cm) with central through-loading area (interior height 17 cm)
Huge living area floor hatch in entrance area, also easy to load from the outside when the main entrance door is open
Second living area floor hatch in kitchen area (usable depth of up to 39 cm)
Convenient loading of double floor storage compartment at driver side via another large external hatch
Malibu scooter garage, load capacity up to 250 kg
Large additional double floor storage compartment with separate exterior hatch


  Malibu storage space Frequently used standard storage space
Double floor type Double floor along the entire length of the vehicle with a usable height of up to 48 cm Equipment double floor with limited use of storage space and less usable height
Exterior access Multiple exterior access points at driver and passenger sides with interior access via L-shaped lounge seating area and side seat bench Few or no exterior access points, no interior access to the exterior storage compartments possible
Through-loading function Central through-loading storage compartment over the entire vehicle width in front of the main cabin door No through-loading function due to lack of exterior access points or storage compartment that is not continuous
Interior access Two large, lowered living area floor hatches in the entrance and kitchen area incl. high quality hinges No interior access, storage compartment contains equipment and can only be used to a limited extent
Weight balance Thanks to the large amount of storage space and multiple access locations, the weight can be distributed in an optimum way during loading Limited amount of storage space and access options only allow even weight distribution to a limit extent


Double connection technology: the furniture is screwed together and also mortised – for maximum stability and longevity
High quality, robust metal hinges
High quality, roller-mounted kitchen drawers with self and soft closing mechanism
Door handles and fittings in household quality
Spacious overhead storage cabinets with internal shelf and microfibre lining for reducing the noise level while travelling
“Modernline” furniture architecture with concave curved storage cabinet flaps with modern avant garde design for a particularly spacious feeling
Elegant under-lighting of kitchen worktops and floor lighting in the seating area and kitchen area for a cosy atmosphere
Elegant and practical at the same time: curved kitchen work surface for visual partitioning of the living and kitchen area and as additional storage area


  Malibu furniture construction Frequently used standard furniture construction
Furniture connection Double connection technology - screwed and also mortised for maximum stability and long lasting furniture construction Mainly just screw simple connections, screws of furniture components often visible
Hinges and fittings High quality and robust metal hinges, bathroom doors with internal hinges, door handles and fittings in household quality Low-cost plastic hinges and fittings as well as exterior hinges on bathroom doors
Noise level while travelling Low noise levels while travelling thanks to high quality furniture construction (e.g. felt coverings on all furniture connections), hinges in household quality and microfibre covering in the overhead storage cabinets Significant noise generation while travelling due to lack of noise reducing measures in the furniture construction


Best all-round visibility thanks to rear-view bus mirror with large main mirror and wide-angle wing mirrors
Optimal overview in driving position thanks to active driving, extra-low dashboard for early visibility of the road as well as the deep panoramic windscreen
LED daytime driving lights
View of road surface after just 2.77 m. Competitor models frequently only achieve this at 4 to 5 m.
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