Four fully-fledged sleeping berths with hybrid pop-up roof, consisting of highly stable sandwich and plastic design elements at the sides. “Protect” GRP roof covering for providing protection from hailstones and damage, with light weight of just 105 kg.

Models 540 DB, 600 LE, 600 DB K, 640 LE K, 640 LE RB

Hybrid pop-up roof
Sleeping roof sleeping dimensions 200 x 135 cm
Protection from hailstones thanks to “Protect” GRP roof covering
Best insulation in the class
Front roof spoiler (not GT skyview)
Lightweight pop-up roof: 105 kg
Optional: charming GT skyview / coupé
Optional: Premium window in washroom wall

Advantages of the pop-up roof with unique hybrid construction: 

  • Convenient and large access area with artificial leather edging
  • Stable ladder for convenient and safe access
  • Four fully-fledged sleeping berths thanks to large sleeping area in pop-up roof
  • Premium windows in washroom side wall for good ventilation (not compact models)
  • Rainwater channel above sliding door as standard
  • Also as coupé or GT skyview
  • Best insulation in the class: 30 mm sandwich construction (GFK/RTM hard foam/aluminium)
  • Light weight of just 105 kg
  • Extra-high pop-up angle for sufficient sitting height
  • Extra-easy opening and closing thanks to dual mechanism
  • Front roof spoiler as standard (not GT skyview)
  • Two spotlights inside the pop-up roof including light switch 
  • GRP roof covering “Protect” to protect the pop-up roof from hailstones and external damageg