Get four fully fledged sleeping berths in your Malibu Van with the optional hybrid pop-up roof made from high-stability sandwich and side plastic design elements. The “Protect” GRP roof covering provides real added value by providing protection from hailstones and damage, with a light weight of just 105 kg.

Available for: Malibu Van comfort 600 DB/640 LE; Malibu Van comfort 600 DB/640 LE; Malibu Van diversity 600 DB K/600 LE K; Malibu Van first class - two rooms 640 LE RB


Advantages of the pop-up roof with unique hybrid construction: 

  • Convenient and large access area with artificial leather edging
  • Stable ladder for convenient and safe access
  • Four fully-fledged sleeping berths thanks to large sleeping area in pop-up roof
  • Premium windows in washroom side wall for good ventilation (not compact models)
  • Rainwater channel above sliding door as standard
  • Also available in combination with the exclusive line charming in coupé or GT skyview version (depending on model)
  • Best insulation in the class: 30 mm sandwich construction (GFK/RTM hard foam/aluminium)
  • Light weight of just 105 kg
  • Extra-high pop-up angle for sufficient sitting height
  • Extra-easy opening and closing thanks to dual mechanism
  • Front roof spoiler as standard (not GT skyview)
  • Two spotlights inside the pop-up roof including light switch 
  • GRP roof covering “Protect” to protect the pop-up roof from hailstones and external damageg