The first Malibu models which Carthago founder Karl-Heinz Schuler built in 1979 were already of the highest quality standard. This heritage is just as noticeable today in our A-Class and coachbuilt motorhomes as our decades of experience in the premium segment. Looking for something special? If so, a Malibu motorhome from the extra class is just the right thing! The first impression that you get becomes increasingly clear the closer you look: so many well thought-out details, so much more of everything that makes travelling relaxing. Such as the double floor with huge storage compartment that is unique in this class, the elaborate bodywork with elegant roof / side wall rounding or the high quality furniture construction with double connection technology. We invest more know-how, time and effort than others in order to offer you more value. More functionality, more comfort, more storage space, and more feeling of well-being. The GENERATION M of Malibu motorhomes is setting more standards than ever in the upper class – always with the claim of being the best motorhomes in their class, in order to give you the best holiday moments of your life. 


The compact class of Malibu motorhomes includes both coachbuilt and A-Class models. A common feature is the length of less than seven metres and the possibility of registration with a gross weight of 3.5 t. This means good handling while driving, and a motorhome which can be driven on a class B driver’s licence. In spite of this, the compact class provides all of the distinctive characteristics of Malibu GENERATION M, and therefore complete motorhome comfort. There’s no doubt about it: Malibu – compact is class!


Malibu compact class:

  • One coachbuilt and two A-Class from 6.67 to 6.95 m length
  • Compact models suitable for 3.5 t certification
  • Layouts with lengthways single beds
  • Vario swivelling washroom or combined washroom
  • Drop-down bed as standard in the A-Class models
  • All of the technical and comfort characteristics of GENERATION M
  • Optional: increase to 4.25 t permissible gross weight


Would you like a little more? More space, more equipment, more comfort and all of this in an attractive body with enduring quality? If so, the answer is: Malibu Comfort Plus class. Nothing is left to be desired in the three coachbuilt and three A-Class motorhomes. They are up to half a metre longer than the biggest models in the Malibu compact class. Centimetres which make a difference when 3.5 t certification is not decisive, and comfort is more important than weight. In a nutshell: Malibu Comfort Plus class – if you want a little bit more


Malibu Comfort Plus class:

  • Three coachbuilt and A-Class from 7.20 to 7.50 m length
  • Comfort Plus models available from 3.5 t to 4.25 t
  • Layouts with lengthways single beds or queen-size bed
  • Combined or comfort luxury bathroom
  • Drop-down bed as standard for the A-Class, optional for the coachbuilt
  • All of the technical and comfort characteristics of GENERATION M


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AutoBild Reisemobil 06/2020 Driving report: Malibu I 500 QB
“The low, pulled-down position of the windscreen provides an extremely good view. […] The windows in the driver’s cabin and the storage compartment hatches make a pleasantly large impression.”
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promobil 09/2020Supercheck: Malibu I 441 LE
“The view from the driver’s seat towards the front and through the mirrors towards the rear is excellent. [...] The integrated daytime driving lights with LED fibre optic technology are the most eye-catching new feature.”
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promobil 06/2020 Endurance test: Malibu T 430 LE
“Irrespective of that, the majority of drivers thought that the Malibu was one of the quietest motorhome they had ever driven.”
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Reisemobil International 12/2020Endurance test: Malibu T 430 LE
“Particularly during the winter, Malibu scores points with its winterproofing. It conjures up a homely cosiness in the living area thanks to the heated double floor. The workmanship quality and outstanding driving safety are impressive.”
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AutoBild Reisemobil 05/2021Comparison test: Malibu I 490 LE
“The exterior design of the Malibu is perfect match for the harmonious design of the interior.”
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promobil 09/2020 Supercheck: Malibu I 441 LE
“They came up with something special in the bathroom. The entire front wall is designed as a door which can be closed across the passage to create a private changing room.”
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Reisemobil International 02/2020test drive: Malibu T 490 LE
“Despite having a comparatively classic layout, the Malibu T 490 LE scores points with several well thought-out details. This starts with the wood-free body structure and the insulated double floor. Not only does this provide frost-free storage for the fresh water and waste water tanks, it also creates additional storage space.”
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AutoBild Reisemobil 02/2021 Professional test: Malibu T 430 LE
“The furniture construction is stable, and the workmanship is excellent. Appealing: The concave overhead storage cabinet flaps are appealing. [...] There is very little wind noise from the framed windows and the roof domes, and the furnishings are extremely quiet and do not rattle.”