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Published: 15.02.2023


Are you interested in our Malibu Vans, but not sure which one is right for you and what the model designations actually mean? Then read on. In this article, we explain exactly what the individual model designations of our vans mean and how they are put together.

Our Malibu Vans are the perfect holiday companions. They combine the handy dimensions of a van with the comfort of a large motorhome and offer unique living and sleeping comfort and sophisticated storage space with maximum functionality, as well as an exceptionally exclusive design.

There are a total of 7 different floor plans of the Malibu Vans, each with its own model designation.

Model designation

Example: Malibu Van comfort 600 DB

comfort   model class
600length of the vehicle
DBbed variant ("double bed" -> transverse rear bed)



The number in the model designations of the Malibu Vans stands for the length of the vehicle. The abbreviations LE and DB provide an indication of the respective bed variant, whereby LE stands for lengthways single beds and DB for “double beds”/ rear transverse bed.

The 7 floor plans are divided into four different model classes. In the basic variants: compact, comfort, diversity and first class-two rooms. In the model designation, this is always stated before the length of the vehicle.

The diversity models are given the suffix K at the end and the first class - two rooms models the suffix RB.

Model classes


The compact models are flexible all-rounders, everyday companions and, thanks to their compact vehicle lengths of less than 6 metres, ideal for use as second vehicle.

These include the 540 DB and 600 LE floor plans.

540 DB
600 LE


The diversity models offer an open feeling of spaciousness with tremendous amount of freedom of movement and a free field of view.

These include the 600 DB K and 640 LE K floor plans.

600 DB K
640 LE K


More convenience thanks to the fridge positioned at convenient hand height. Maximum kitchen comfort with additional work/storage space and extra-wide kitchen drawers and much more.

The comfort master is available as 600 DB and 640 LE floor plans.

600 DB
640 LE


An innovative layout with a unique two-room concept. It offers a multifunctional washroom with a room partitioning door from living area and a changing room function. Changing room extension thanks to the washroom wall, which swivels inwards.

This class includes the 640 LE RB.

640 LE RB

The common feature of these four model classes is the overhead storage compartment above the driver’s cabin.


The comfort, diversity and first class - two rooms model classes are also available as the exclusive charming coupé or GT skyview line. This not only gives them exclusive standard equipment, but also changes the cab layout.

The exclusive line option charming coupé omits the overhead storage compartment for extended interior height in the driver’s cabin and living area, creating a completely new feeling of spaciousness and ride comfort.

With the exclusive line option charming GT skyview, the overhead storage compartment in the driver's cabin is also omitted. Instead, the vehicle has a panoramic skylight with a leather-covered interior headliner from the driver's cabin to above the seating area.

If an exclusive line option is selected, the model name is given the suffix coupé or GT skyview.

A client chooses the diversity 600 DB K floor plan with the exclusive line option charming GT skyview.
The model designation is then no longer Malibu Van diversity 600 DB K, but Malibu Van diversity GT skyview 600 DB K.

As you can see, the 7 floor plans can be combined in various ways with different model classes.


You can find even more information on the model designations of the Malibu Vans in our video.
It's worth a look!