ABS is the abbreviation for “Anti-Blocking System”. This system prevents the wheels from locking when emergency braking takes place. This makes it easier for the driver to control the vehicle. The ABS is now the safety standard in vehicles, and is installed in all Malibu vehicles as standard.


Accessories and special equipment increase your enjoyment of the holiday, but they also increase the weight of the motorhome. Malibu specifies the weight of each individual option in detail in the price information so that the exact vehicle weight can be calculated when the vehicle is being purchased.

Basic vehicle

A basic vehicle is the vehicle on which the motorhome or van is built. Malibu builds its models on the Fiat Ducato chassis – the most commonly used basic vehicle for motorhomes in Europe. Its flat frame provides the optimum prerequisites for reliably accompanying you for many years, thanks to its standard 2.3 l Multi-Jet engine.

Black water

Black water is waste water from the toilet which contains faeces, which is collected in a toilet cassette. This tank must be emptied at regular intervals, regardless of whether emptying is required because of the volume of liquid. To avoid problems during disposal, attention must be paid to the following: Only special camping toilet paper may be used, toilet chemicals must be added after emptying and disposal is only allowed in appropriate locations.

Charge booster

A charge booster is installed in all Malibu vehicles, and is incorporated between the alternator and the starter battery / main cabin battery. It ensures that the alternator generates power until the batteries are charged.

Drop-down bed

A drop-down bed is a lowerable bed which is particularly used in motorhomes. Drop-down beds can be lowered to steering wheel height at the front, and can be practically secured beneath the ceiling of the vehicle when they are not in use. The drop-down beds of the integrated Malibu motorhomes provide a great deal of space and an extra-large sleeping area. The standing height in living mode is 1.84 m with the electrically operated central drop-down bed in the semi-integrated Malibu motorhomes.


ESP is the abbreviation for “Electronic Stability Program” a system which brakes the individual wheels in a targeted way when the vehicle is at risk of skidding. It prevents the vehicle from oversteering and understeering. In the event of oversteering, the vehicle can skid towards the outside of the bend via the rear wheels if the bend is taken too quickly. In the case of understeering, the vehicle skids towards the outside of the curve via the front wheels, which are on full lock. ESP is installed in all Malibu vehicles as standard.

Fill level indicator

The most useful fill level indicator in motorhomes and vans is the one in the fresh water and waste water tank. It is displayed on the operating panel.

Filler neck

The fresh water tank in the motorhome can be filled via a filler neck. The lid of the fresh water tank is at the passenger side of the Malibu Van and at the driver’s side of the Malibu motorhome.

Fresh water tank

The large fresh water tank in the Malibu vehicles provides optimum convenience during your journey. The water tanks are positioned in such a way that they provide an optimum centre of gravity and are easily accessible in Malibu motorhomes and vans. The fresh water tank is also installed in the heated double floor for frost protection in the Malibu motorhomes.


Every Malibu vehicle is equipped with a fridge. Absorber or compression fridges are installed in our vehicles, which can be operated with gas or electricity (12 V and 230 V). The fridges in the Malibu motorhomes have sufficient room for your supplies, and provide even more convenience due to being positioned at hand height. The fridges in the Malibu vans also have a large capacity. All fridges are also equipped with a freezer compartment.

Gas connection

Unfortunately, different standards apply to gas systems in European countries. The grey gas bottles that are commonly used in Germany and Austria cannot be exchanged or filled everywhere. It is therefore important to plan carefully before embarking on a long journey with a motorhome or van. Even the connections are not identical. Special adapters can be purchased from accessory shops which allow foreign gas bottles to be connected to German gas systems. It is advisable to inform yourself of the situation in the respective countries before you travel.

Gas heating

Malibu motorhomes and vans are heated with gas as standard. The heat is evenly distributed by the Truma Combi 6 / Truma Combi 6E / Truma Combi 4 warm air heating technology. Even distribution in the comprehensively insulated double floor of Malibu motorhomes creates an underfloor heating effect, and therefore makes the Malibu motorhome winter-proof.

Grey water

Grey water is slightly dirty water which is free of faeces. When camping it is typically the waste water from the kitchen, the washroom sink (hand washing, teeth brushing) and the shower.


The term Hillholder refers to the Hill Start Assist. This prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards or stalling on hills. The Hillholder installed in all Malibu vehicles as standard.


The same applies to motorhomes and vans as it does to houses - they must be as well insulated as possible. A considerable amount of attention has been paid to ensuring that heat does not escape from the windows. A roof and wall connection that is free of cold bridges is created at Malibu using flush-fitting, glued serrated profiles in the main cabin construction. The cold-bridge free PU frame and the insulated glazing of the framed windows (Malibu motorhomes only) also contribute to insulating the vehicle.


Motorhomes whose entire body is produced by the main cabin manufacturer are designated as “integrated” or “fully integrated”. Integrated vehicles are constructed on a chassis without a driver’s cabin, the so-called front header. A fully insulated front mask as well as a main cabin living area which is integrated in the driver’s cabin is installed by the motorhome manufacturer. The driver's area of the integrated models provides an extremely comfortable, well insulated “seamless” living area.

Main cabin

A distinction is made between different main cabin types in the motorhome industry, such as integrated or semi-integrated. Malibu Motorhomes provide you with clear added value because of their wood-free body structure. Thanks to the high-stability body, your motorhome does not only have a longer service life and a high degree of value retention, but you can enjoy excellent ride comfort while you are driving.

Main cabin battery

A considerable amount of energy is required for the various power consumers in the motorhome, and is stored in the on-board or main cabin battery. Batteries with different formats and capacities are available. An 80 Ah gel battery is used as standard in the Malibu motorhomes and vans.

Operating panel and onboard control panel

The onboard control panel is an operating and display instrument in the motorhome or van on which the different functions are displayed. Standard functions are the charge condition of the starter battery and the on-board battery, as well as the fill level indicators for the fresh water and waste water tanks. The operating panel also shows whether the vehicle is connected to an external power supply.

Pressure water pump

In comparison to the conventional immersion pump which is installed directly inside the water tank, the water pressure pump is outside the water tank, where it transports the water to the supply points using intake pressure. The water flows immediately as soon as the water tap is opened, and high water pressure can also be achieved. Another advantage of the water pressure pump is its long service life, since individual parts can be repaired or exchanged.

Rear storage compartment

There is a large storage compartment beneath the beds in the rear of the Malibu vans. An easy to use and barrier-free rear storage compartment is created in the Malibu Van thanks to the fold-up beds at both sides. A removable double floor can also be optionally installed.

Scooter garage

The large storage compartment in the rear of the motorhome is known as the scooter garage. It is called a “Garage” because bicycles and scooters can be accommodated there. The doors are therefore adapted to the overall height of the two-wheelers. Particularly the Malibu motorhome queen size bed models provide optimum convenience for loading your bike thanks to their patented Pedelec solution. The rear bed can be easily folded up for loading, and there is even enough room for large wheels due to the lowering of the floor in the rear garage. The rear bed retains its convenient access height.


These are the coupés among motorhomes – flat, stylish and dynamic. Unlike integrated vehicles, the entire driver’s cabin of semi-integrated vehicles is made by the chassis manufacturer, and only then is the living area constructed. A large seating group is created by swivelling the front seats, as is also the case in integrated vehicles.

Storage space

Malibu motorhomes have countless options for storing your utensils. The double floor basement provides a massive, heated storage compartment, but the cabinets, drawers and overhead storage cabinets also provide sufficient room inside the vehicle. You will also find plenty of room for your luggage in the Malibu vans. Everything is quickly and securely stowed away thanks to the many cabinets, drawers, overhead storage cabinets and a huge hatch in the living area. Attention must always be paid to the maximum payload when using storage compartments.

Suitable for winter

A motorhome/van is suitable for winter if the interior can be heated to 20 degrees using the standard heating within two hours at an external temperature of 0 degrees. It does not matter whether the fresh water remains frost-free.


TCS is the abbreviation for “Traction Control System”, which regulates the gas effect during acceleration and prevents the wheels from spinning. In this case, the system automatically restricts the gas supply and brakes the wheels so that the vehicle has appropriate contact with the road surface again. ASR is installed in all Malibu vehicles as standard.

Waste water tank

The waste water tank is a fixed tank in the motorhome. It holds the grey water, which can be emptied into provided disposal stations.


A motorhome/van is winterproof if the interior can be heated to 20 degrees using standard heating within two hours at an external temperature of -15 degrees. The water system must also remain free of frost and therefore function properly.