Veröffentlichung: 13.04.2022

Experience freedom, flexibility and unforgettable journeys - isn't that wonderful? Our Malibu motorhomes are the perfect holiday companions for special feel-good moments. It is not without reason that the motorhomes were awarded the European Innovation Award this year in the category "Overall Motorhome Concept". What is so special about these motorhomes and what added value is behind them is revealed to us today by Bernd Schuster, Sales Manager of Malibu Motorhomes. Bernd Schuster is 40 years old, married, has one daughter and has been responsible for this area for 1.5 years. 

Question: Mr Schuster, with Malibu motorhomes we talk about GENERATION M. What exactly is behind this term?

GENERATION M was introduced for the 2021 model year. With this introduction, we wanted to become even more modern in terms of the exterior look, bring a new design to the interior and make travelling even more exclusive and unforgettable for motorhome owners with intelligent detail solutions. Since this introduction, the motorhomes shine with a new and modern exterior look with homogeneous curves. Customers can look forward to top-class technology, the body construction and the cold-bridge-free roof and wall connections via fully bonded support beams bring many advantages: side impact protection, highest body rigidity, maximum driving comfort and safety as well as durability. The repair-friendly rear panel and the new front cab with integrated daytime running lights with LED light guide technology skilfully set the stage for the motorhomes. Together with the high-quality furniture construction and modern design, this makes the motorhomes the perfect holiday companions.




Question: What are the highlights of the Malibu motorhomes for you?

The Malibu motorhomes are special to me in two ways. Firstly, there are many functional things that are simply "needed" as a camper, such as the enormous storage space. It's just good to know that you don't have to compromise when loading the vehicle. Both the rear garage and the countless storage space options in the vehicle are priceless for a relaxed holiday.

On the other hand, it is the incredibly fresh design, the look, which on the one hand reflect freshness and elegance, but on the other hand also offers comfort and a feel-good atmosphere.



Question: What added values can customers rely on in motorhomes and what advantage do they offer compared to competitor products on the market? Which is your favourite added value and why?

Here, as with the previous question, the point "class-leading storage space" is worth mentioning. But what for me is the absolute favourite advantage and what stands out at first glance compared to other manufacturers is the quality of our furniture construction. With our double-joining technique, the furniture is screwed together and also dovetailed. This results in maximum stability and durability. In some cases, enormous differences can be seen here. What sounds like a small detail at first becomes more and more decisive as the vehicle ages. If, after years, the soft-close drawers still work, the cupboards can still be securely closed and the vehicle can be driven to and from holidays without creaking and cracking, then these are added values that you only appreciate when you can call them your own. Our first-class body construction must also be mentioned here: The aluminium wall structure, the rigid foam insulation core and the water-repellent PU reinforcement ensure perfect insulation in summer and winter and durability. Not to be forgotten is the cab visibility concept in our integrated motorhomes - the extra-low dashboard gives drivers early road visibility. Last but not least is the heating and air-conditioning technology. All our motorhomes are winterproof.

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Question: What is your personal favourite model and why?

I actually have to give two answers to this question. In summer, we travel with the whole family, so for me it's clearly the I 490 LE. Here we all have plenty of space, a large bathroom, a large kitchen and when the weather is bad, there are also certain retreats. In autumn and winter, when I go hiking alone with my wife, the I 441 LE has proven to be the perfect holiday companion. To have so many possibilities in such a short length is quite unique. What we particularly appreciate in autumn and winter is the double floor, which provides fantastic warmth in the motorhome in a very pleasant way, similar to underfloor heating. This provides the ideal conditions to regenerate after a strenuous hike.


Question: What do you particularly like about the Malibu brand? And what makes travelling by motorhome so unique for you?

As mentioned at the beginning, there are so many useful things that offer incredible added value in terms of functionality. But for all the functionality, no compromises were made on the design. This symbiosis is, in my opinion, unique on the market. Furthermore, with a very manageable number of layouts, we have the right solution for every customer when it comes to comfortable travelling.

Travelling with a motorhome is a different way to go on holiday, in contrast to a car, ship or plane. When you get into the motorhome, the holiday already begins. The possibility to make the journey the destination and to "take in" many sights along the way while driving to the actual holiday destination, to spontaneously stay at a beautiful place for a night, that's what makes this form of travel very special for me.  

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