Dear Malibu customers and potential customers,

The current situation also requires us to take extraordinary measures to protect you and our employees in the best possible way, and actively help to contain the Corona virus. We would like to provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the current situation with Malibu and our partners.

We recommend that you call beforehand before visiting one of our dealers and ask about the opening times.  

Stay healthy!

Your Malibu Team

How does Malibu as a manufacturer react to the Corona Pandemic?

Over the last couple of weeks, a multi-step emergency plan has been developed. The main objective is to protect our customers, employees, suppliers and service partners but at the same time ensure the production and delivery of our vehicles. Therefore, various measures have already been implemented at the headquarter in Aulendorf and Odranci (Slovenia). This includes enforcing extended hygiene guidelines and the installation of disinfection stations, but also make use of the possibility to work from home. This allows us to provide ongoing support for you and our trade partners.

Can delivery dates of new vehicles be kept?

If you have any questions about individual delivery dates, please contact your trade partner. He will be kept up to date by us and will give you the best possible assistance with your questions.

What happens if I cannot meet my service appointments (which are relevant to keep the warranty running)?

We will put in place a tolerance period of two months for inspections such as the initial inspection, annual inspection or water ingress test. As we can´t make any forecast on how the situation will develop, we will need to adjust this period again if necessary.

Are the Malibu Dealerships open and are planned events taking place?

Depending on the dealer location, different regulations and recommendations from the authorities have been put in place. Therefore, we recommend to contact the respective trade partner by phone or e-mail before visiting. To avoid a high level of social contacts, many events have been cancelled or postponed. The current list of planned events can be found on our website in the section “events”. Individual appointments with your Malibu trade partner might still be possible. 

Spare part deliveries

Your Malibu trade partner is your contact for ordering spare parts as usual. Parts are being dispatched from our warehouse and shipped to our trade partners who then carries out the repairs on your vehicle and hands over the parts to you. Due to the current situation, delivery capacities and times may be limited. Direct orders from our After Sales Service are not possible.

What to do in case of a warranty claim or a complaint?

Please contact your Malibu trade partner at first instance. He will be able to forward your information to our After Sales Department which will provide you with further instructions on how to proceed. Existing or pending warranty applications will remain valid. Please note that the date of the warranty application to the trade partner is relevant (not when the trade partner forwards your application to us).

What about urgent emergency situations?

If you have any urgent questions about the functionality of your motorhome, please contact your trade partner who will be more than happy to assist you. In the event of an emergency your dealer is not able to help, our technical customer service staff or suppliers with emergency numbers are available under the following contact details.