Categories: Motorhome
Published: 25.11.2021

Climate is a top priority for many vacationers. And we don't just mean the outside temperatures, but also the climate in the motorhome. If you also attach particular importance to a good climate when travelling, then a Malibu motorhome is exactly the right companion for you!

In all our motorhomes you always have a real feel-good climate. How does that work? Thanks to numerous warm air outlets throughout the vehicle, we specifically heat cold-sensitive areas in our Malibu motorhomes, such as the cab area, the technical components for protection against frost, the storage space and the entrance to the body door. In our A-class models, the entire dashboard front is also specifically heated with a surface heating effect, which ensures a pleasant heat radiation in the driver's cab. In addition, the heat circulates through the entire double-floor cellar with climate storage function, creating an underfloor heating effect for pleasantly warm feet. This means that there is always a pleasant climate inside the motorhome - even in icy outside temperatures. The Malibu motorhomes are winterproof and therefore perfectly suited for adventures in sub-zero temperatures. Of course, the Malibu motorhome is also comfortable in hot outside temperatures. In winter, the highly efficient insulation with high-quality RTM rigid foam insulating core insulates and warms, and in summer it provides perfect protection against the heat. In the Malibu motorhome you travel all year round with a perfect feel-good climate!