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Published: 05.12.2021

Girls' trip! And best of all, chasing the last rays of sunshine. What better travel companion for this than the Malibu Van? Sabrina Schuler and a friend of hers set off for Croatia at the end of September in the Malibu Van charming coupé 640 LE RB.

So we left at the end of September for a week with the Malibu Van charming coupé 640 LE RB. The rough direction or rather the first holiday destination was fixed: Croatia. Otherwise it was just to drift and follow the good weather. Perfect with the Malibu Van - especially for Croatia. Here many small gravel roads and alleys lead to the most beautiful spots. The manoeuvrable Malibu Van fits perfectly.


The Krk peninsula offers itself optimally as the first stop, if one travels like us, from the south of Germany. By the way: Neither at the first campsite nor at our other overnight places, we had difficulties to get a free pitch. Even predominantly free place choice. It should be said, however, that some of the campsites close at the beginning of October for several months. If you want to travel later than the end of September to Croatia, you should check the opening hours of the campsites before better briefly.

From Krk we went to the large national park Plitvice Lakes. A day trip here is worth it all the time and the parking facilities for vans and motorhomes are impeccable. The visitor is offered a beautiful natural spectacle, so it is not surprising that the national park has already served as a film set one or two times. For example for "Old Shatterhand".

Then it was Pula's turn. The city is quite large and offers an impressive amphitheater. Only a stone's throw away and for me the real highlight in the area: Cape Kamenjak. Here not only tempting bathing bays beckon, here you can enjoy above all the beautiful and different nature of Croatia. The cape is open until 9pm (cost: 80 kuna, cyclists and pedestrians are free) and the Malibu Van mastered the stony gravel roads with flying colours.


Let's move on to my personal highlight: the port town of Rovinj on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula between Porec and Pula. Really a dream! Especially because it was no longer overrun with tourists at that time. Although we are in Croatia, the old town exudes Italian charm and really offers a unique flair. From the "Autocamp Porton Biondi" you can reach the beautiful old town after a few minutes walk - however, I found the approach to the plot itself with the van quite adventurous (everything very narrow).

During our vacation, we liked the idea of being able to crisscross several countries and so the rough plan was actually that we enjoy the last weekend of our vacation in Ljubljana, Slovenia. But the weather threw a spanner in the works. No matter - that's why we have the flexible car and so we spontaneously went to Venice, Italy. As it turned out, the absolutely right decision. So we could spend the last two days in bright sunshine and warm temperatures.

Perfectly suitable is the camping site Venezia Camping Village. In less than 10 minutes you can take the bus to the bus station near Venice. The bus stop is right at the campsite and tickets can be bought in advance at the reception. We have had places recommended to us in advance by many who take Venice by water taxi. The idea is more than charming, but if you don't want to constantly look at the clock in the evening for fear that the last water taxi will leave soon, you are well served with this place. Because where the bus comes, the taxi on wheels also makes it.


About the Malibu Van charming coupé 640 LE RB

Especially the Malibu Van first class - two rooms 640 LE RB, newly introduced in model year 2021, with its unique two-room concept and associated changing room, I really wanted to have with me and "try out" on this trip. Is the changing room really that practical? Do we have enough room for all our stuff? Do we maybe get in each other's way? Especially due to the crisp temperatures in the evening, spending the entire evening in front of the van was not an option. Besides, I really wanted to use the van extensively - meaning not only sleeping and living in it, but also showering and cooking.

My conclusion: The first class - two rooms has definitely convinced me. I particularly liked the feeling of space. Even when cooking for two you do not get claustrophobic. The expandable work surface at the front of the kitchen unit from other Malibu Van models I find really practical but the additional work surface from the universal cabinet offers a good alternative. I remember my friend who accompanied me on the girls trip asking me "how much can we take?" as she has only ever travelled in larger motorhomes. Good question! However, it was quickly cleared up by the time we put everything away at the latest. Despite kitchen utensils, sports equipment, grill and lots of clothes (we had to be prepared for several weather conditions), we still had some space left.

But now my special highlight: The changing room with the bathroom. I actually showered exclusively in the van. Much more practical than every time to gather his seven things and march off to the campsite shower. And I always think to myself, what else am I carrying a fully equipped bathroom for? I myself am not a tall person (1,60 m) but also my friend had no problems with her 20 centimetres more. There is really enough space in the shower. And especially the changing room I find unbeatable. So the travel companion can sit comfortably with open sliding door in front of the van or move in the living / kitchen area without the other person feels disturbed and especially not pull down all the blinds.