Categories: Van
Published: 25.11.2021

The professional magazine presents the Malibu features, amongst others the Malibu Van diversity and upgrades to the comfort and compact models in its October edition. 






"It's [Malibu Van diversity] USP is an XL-sized kitchen (with 84 litre compressor fridge) and a greater feeling of space inside, thanks to an uninterrupted field of view through the entire van (as there is no tall furniture on the offside)."





"The Malibu Van diversity also benefits from the XL Flexi-washroom 1000, which has a space-saving two-piece sliding door. Inside, the toilet slides away to create a larger shower area and a screen covers the basin, so no curtain is required."





"The compact models also now get the same lounge seating as the comfort versions, creating a wider aisle."




"All Malibu Van models (except compact) now get a pull-out bin under the seating and you can now choose from three interior décor styles - ..."