Categories: Motorhome
Published: 08.11.2020

Are you a winter camping enthusiast? If so, a Malibu motorhome is the perfect companion for you! There is always a pleasant well-being climate inside our motorhomes - even if it's freezing outside. The areas which are sensitive to cold have targeted heating in all models, such as the driver’s cabin area, the technical components, the storage compartment and the main cabin door entrance. The heat also circulates through the entire double floor. The double floor in the Malibu motorhome is insulated throughout, and evenly distributes the heat over the entire floor surface and stores it. The heat from below is radiated onto the living area floor and therefore warms it up. You will always have warm feet in a Malibu!

At the same time, the storage of heat reduces gas consumption and reliably protects the equipment, even in the event of frost. As a result, not only do you have a perfect well-being climate in our motorhomes on cold days, but also when it's really hot outside. Because that which insulates and keeps things warm in winter provides perfect protection from the heat in the summer.