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Published: 25.02.2021

Let yourself be spirited away with the fairytales from the Grimm brothers once again. This is possible thanks to the German Fairytale Route, which is excellent for exploring in a motorhome or van. The famous fairytales come to life again in lovely areas along the 600 kilometres, through five federal states and numerous holiday areas.

The starting point of the Fairytale Route is Hanau in the Kinzig Valley. This is the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm who have been stimulating the imagination of both children and adults with their stories to this very day. You can tweak the German Fairytale Route somewhat to suit your own interests. But you should definitely visit the places which were most important to the brothers - Hanau, Steinau, Marburg and Kassel. In Hanau, a statue of the Grimm brothers that is over six metres tall is a reminder of their works. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm spent their childhood in the old guildhall in Steinau. The brothers studied in Marburg, where the Grimm-Dich-Pfad (“Fairytale Trail”) astounds visitors with its fairytale figures. Kassel is regarded as the capital of the German Fairytale Route, where the Grimm brothers lived for more than 30 years. The Grimmwelt Exhibition House and the Grimm Brothers Festival are the highlights awaiting fairytale enthusiasts in Kassel.

Along the German Fairytale Route, there are various highlights which you shouldn't miss on the fairytale tour. The Red Riding Hood House in Alsfeld, the Snow White Museum in Bad Wildungen, the Hohe Meißner as Madam Holle’s home mountain, the Reinhardswald with Sababurg’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, Hamlyn as the setting for the pied piper, the German Märchen- und Wesersagenmuseum (Fairytale and Weser legends Museum) in Bad Oeynhausen and the prominent town musicians of the Hanseatic city of Bremen are highlights along the German Fairytale Route.

The German Fairytale Route is made for being discovered in a motorhome or van. There are numerous camp sites along the route with idyllic pitches for an overnight stay or longer layover.

Would you like to know how you can continue the tour or find out more about the region? Detailed information can be found at PiNCAMP (in German).