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Published: 07.04.2020

Our partner PiNCAMP was on the road for you in the South of France. On this occasion, the route led from Valence to la Rochelle.

The starting point of the route is in Valence, where you can marvel at the impressive Saint Apollinaire cathedral, among other things. Once you have finished marvelling, you can make your way to Vallon-Pont-d’Arc where you can visit the bridge over the Ardèche river which gives the town its name. After stopping in the papal town of Avignon and the university town of Montpellier, the journey continues to Carcassonne. This town is famous for its impressive fortress walls, which have been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997. Within the walls you will find the old town with its narrow alleyways, fairytale houses and, of course, countless restaurants.

The next stop is the “Ville Rose” – as Toulouse is often called, because of the pink tiles which decorate many rooftops. The Place du Capitole, the Palais d’Assézat and the Jacobite monastery are just a few of the highlights of the extensive sightseeing tour you can take in the pink city. The length of your stay in Bordeaux, which is the next stage of the journey, depends entirely on how much you like wine. Wine enthusiasts can brush up on the history of wine at the Musée du Vin et du Négoce during the day, before gathering in one of the many wine bars in the evening. Once you finally tear yourself away from the red wine, the next thing you encounter is the crashing of the waves in Arcachon. At the west coast of France, you can breathe in the fresh sea air of the Atlantic whilst enjoying an appropriate view from the observation platform of the Observatoire Sainte Cecile. You are now approaching your journeys’ end. If you still have time and it’s still warm enough, you can make a stop in Royan and top up with plenty of sunshine on the sandy beaches before finally heading for La Rochelle, where the holiday comes to an end with a commemorative photo with the popular watchtowers of the harbour town in the background.

You can find the entire travel report on the German web site of our partner PiNCAMP!