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Published: 30.07.2019

The kingdom or Denmark consists of more than 400 islands – the biggest of which is Jutland, which has a border with Schleswig-Holstein. It is a relaxing trip to Aarhus in a motorhome via European route E45, which runs in a north-south direction from northern Norway to southern Italy. The port and university city is the starting point for a tour of north Jutland. After exploring the metropolis, the route leads to the Djursland peninsula, where the small town of Ebeltoft invites you in with its wonderful timbered houses before heading off north in the direction of Aalborg. Aalborg is characterised by art and culture, and invites you to spend the night in the Jomfru Ane Gade alley. The small street is home to one pub after the next, and campers can mingle with the local residents. From Aalborg, we continue north... until we can’t go any further. Skagen, Denmark's most northern city, used to attract many artists because of its inspirational light. Nowadays the main attraction are delicious restaurants with freshly caught fish and Grenen, Skagen’s sandbar spit. This is where the North Sea and the Baltic Seas come together in a clearly evident, fantastic natural spectacle. With an intermediate stop at Limfjord and the port town of Løgstør, we then head on to the Thy national park. The beach and dune landscape is protected, and invite you to take relaxing walks and a dip in the cool water. However, only hard-core bathers will enjoy the fun of bathing for any length of time, since the water temperature is Nordic, to say the least! From here, the trip gradually approaches its end. On the way to the final stop you encounter more picturesque small towns, Struer, Skive and Viborg, whose individual charms are best discovered by walking down the streets and alleyways. The final destination is Silkeborg. This city is situated on the edge of a lake district and is best known for "Tollund Man". The 2,400 year old bog mummy can be found in the Silkeborg Museum and is definitely worth a visit before the hour-long drive back to Aarhus.

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