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Published: 28.11.2019

Every country in Europe has some wonderful travel destinations. For this reason, PiNCAMP has been on the road and toured along the lower Rhine in a motorhome. The route is short, but spectacular: The camper travels just 150 kilometres from start to destination.

The starter’s gun was fired in Emmerich. It’s worth taking your first stroll along the Rhine here. You can watch the barges making their way through the water from one of the many beach chairs, about 500 barges pass by every day! After leaving Emmerich in no time at all you reach Kleven, from where you can travel to Kalkar in the Netherlands by handcar. In Kalkar it is worth giving the motorhome a break and switching to a bicycle. The cycle routes that wind their way between the willow trees that are typical of the Rhine invite you on a tour of discovery. An exciting stop: the “Kalkar Wunderland” amusement park, which was built on the site of the former “fast breeder” nuclear power station.

From Kalkar you continue to Xanten, one of Germany’s oldest cities. It is still plain to see that the Romans laid the foundations for this city. A reconstructed amphitheatre and other buildings in the Xanten Archaeological Park, plus an interesting Roman museum, are reminders of the history of the region. There are two further stops on the way to Duisburg that are a must, particularly for families: Rheinberg and Moers. In Rheinberg, kids will be fascinated by the sight of the many reptiles in the Terrazoo, whereas the “Spiel- und Lernmuseum Grafschafter Musenhof” (Grafschafter Musenhof Play and Learning Museum) allows both young and old to immerse themselves in the Middle Ages.

The tour of the Lower Rhine then comes to an end in Duisburg. However, there is still a lot to see here. Something that few people know: The city actually has Europe’s biggest inland port. A visit to the inner harbour is particularly interesting, a location where many excellent restaurants have been established. Culture fans will be interested in the art museum in the converted Kuppers Mill, whereas families will appreciate the Explorado children’s museum.

Read the entire travel report (in German) with all of the insider tips now on the German web site of our partner PiNCAMP, the camping portal of the ADAC.