Categories: Tips & Tricks
Published: 21.06.2019

Lithuania is certainly not (yet) on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to the favourite travel destinations of camping enthusiasts. This is probably because only a few people have even been to the Baltic states with their faithful companions. However, Lithuania, the most southerly of the Baltic states, has much to offer. PiNCAMP found out exactly what Lithuania has to offer for itself on a tour of the country. 

Off we went to the coastal town of Palanga: You can travel here overland or by ferry. Regardless of how you get there: The best start to a camping trip is a trip to the beautiful beaches of Palanga. You can make a relaxed start to the trip here. We then travelled to Klaipeda, from where you can drive onto the Curonian Spit. This island has been a UNESCO world cultural heritage site since 2000. The southern part belongs to Lithuania, and the northern part is Russian. There is even a camp site on the narrow peninsula.
The beautiful historic district of Kaunas, a city which is very important for Lithuanian business and industry, and the island castle of Trakai are two impressive stops on the route before the capital calls. In Vilnius you will not only be impressed with the former ghetto area but also the endless collection of magnificent buildings. Together with a plentiful supply of museums, bars and boutiques, every camper will find a compelling reason to take a closer look at the metropolis with its population of 540,000. 

You can then travel via the city of Panevezys, where you will also find magnificent buildings, and then to the final stop of the trip, the Hill of Crosses. Crosses have been put up here in memory of sacrifices for almost 200 years. Impressed by the sea of monuments, the route takes you back to Palanga, where the tour started.