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Published: 18.01.2021

There are few other countries with so much untamed holiday romance. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, the exciting history and culture and the incredibly diverse cuisine of Italy are just some of the many reasons why Italy is high up on the list of the most popular holiday destinations. If you wish to experience as much of this diversity as possible yourself, don't miss this PiNCAMP travel tip, since this route will allow you to experience Italy from its most beautiful side. 

The journey begins in the pulsating heart of Italy - the capital of Rome. Here you are literally bombarded with an incredible wealth of impressions. After an extensive exploration of the eternal city, we continue south. The first destination on the route is in Lido di Castel Fusano. This region is particularly well known for its endlessly long sandy beach, which entices droves of beachgoers and watersports enthusiasts. Fortunately, they are distributed over a huge area, meaning that it seldom gets too crowded.

South of the city of Anzio, the route continues along the coast and through the rugged, green landscape of the Circeo national park. Sportier travellers can also hike to the top of Mount Circeo. From here, you have a unique view of the lakes below and the long sandy beach.

The next stop on our journey is Naples, the third largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan. The city is located directly at the base of the last active volcano on the European mainland, Vesuvius. Unfortunately you are limited to what you can explore around the volcano, but you can also wander around the small, steaming solfatara side crater without any problems.

On the way to the Amalfi coast, you can also visit the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii. But be careful! It is difficult to navigate through the city in a car, so if you’re happy to skip this attraction, stay on the motorway.

The end of the route is a stark visual contrast to the beginning. Instead of long sandy beaches, you will find rugged cliffs here. The small town of Amalfi lies on a small stretch of coast, surrounded by towering mountains. The area is ideally suited for quick hiking trips through the mountainous landscape along the coast.

Would you like to know how you can continue the tour or find out more about the region? Detailed information can be found at PiNCAMP (in German).