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Published: 06.11.2020

Fairytale villages, lush green meadows and forests, impressive coastal landscapes and modern cities are just some of the many reasons why it is worth taking a trip through your own country. There is also a great deal to see and experience outside of the big cities, which is why a tour in a motorhome is one of the best ways of getting to know the country and all of its facets. Accompany PiNCAMP on a two-week road trip through the most beautiful parts of England and Wales, and discover your home country from a completely different angle.

The trip starts in Dover. This small harbour town is particularly well-known for its gigantic, snow-white cliffs.

After a short stay in Dover, we travel along the M4 in the direction of Bristol. The narrow streets of the city invite you to make a short stop to have a wander round. If you’d rather spend time in the country, it's worth making a detour to “Cheddar Gorge”, the biggest gorge in England. The best way to explore the spectacular landscape is on foot.

The journey continues further west in the direction of Wales. The first stop is called Worms Head. From here, you have a fantastic view of the green headland, which meanders like a worm in the direction of the sea. Sometimes, you can even catch glimpses of seals in this picturesque location. Not far away you will find the Pembrokeshire national park with its breathtaking beaches and cliffs. It’s also worth making a detour to the 900-year-old ruins of Carew Castle on the way.

After an energetic day in the fresh air, it's time for a little culture. The village of Hay-on-Wye is particularly recommended for this. “Village” may be the wrong word, though - the area is more like a huge library, consisting of more than 40 antique shops, all of which are crammed full of books. The village is quite rightly often referred to as the “town of books”.

We now head south again on the M5, back into England. The landscape here is characterised by its low hills, lush meadows and small forests. You can visit Caribbean-like dream beaches further south on the Jurassic Coast, including Chesil Beach and Man O’War Beach.

To finish off the trip, PiNCAMP is in East Sussex. After a relaxing breakfast with tea and scones with jam, you can take a short tour of the Seven Sisters, where you can even make out the lighthouse at Beachy Head in the distance.

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