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Published: 17.06.2020

Regardless of whether it is a Vario swivel washroom, a combined washroom or a luxury washroom - we have the right washroom for any requirement in our motorhomes!

Comfort in the smallest space: Vario swivel bath
This washroom variant can be found in our shortest floor plan, the Malibu I 441 LE. The well thought-out and innovative room economy creates a lot of washroom in a little space. Nevertheless, you will find a spacious shower room, many practical shelves and a large utensil cabinet in the Malibu Varios swivel washroom. Thanks to a sophisticated swivelling wall, a spacious shower or washroom/toilet room is created in an instant. The bathroom door also acts as a room divider from the living room, therefore creating a private changing room. 

Even more comfortable: Combined bathroom
The I/T 410 DB, I/T 430 LE and I/T 460 LE models are equipped with the comfortable combination bathroom. Here you will find maximum comfort within a little space. The curved wash stand surface highlights the visual room partitioning into a washroom, toilet and shower area. The spacious mirror cabinet with shelf divisions and the large wash stand base unit provide a lot of valuable storage space. Even during a long shower, the washroom is guaranteed to remain dry thanks to the completely separable round shower.

The wellness-oasis with a changing room: Compact luxury washroom and comfort luxury washroom
There are two versions of the Malibu luxury washroom: The compact luxury washroom in models I/T 440 LE and I/T 440 QB and the comfort luxury washroom in models I/T 490 LE and I/T 500 QB. The basic design of the two versions is identical. The separate washing and toilet area is ergonomic, and visually designed so that you are sure to feel good in it. The illuminated mirrored cabinets do not just provide sufficient room for cosmetics, but make the washroom look bigger. The large 1.98 high shower is opposite the washing and toilet area and is light and well ventilated thanks to the roof dome. The changing room is also very comfortable, providing privacy due to the washroom door, which separates the changing and washroom area from the living area. In the lengthways single bed models I/T 490 LE, the sleeping area can also be separated off with a solid wooden sliding door. In the queen-size bed model I/T 500 QB, the sleeping area can be individually separated with a 3-piece pull-out room partitioning and TV wall.