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Published: 08.02.2022

Of course, your favourite wardrobe should not be missing on holiday. On the one hand, it is important that there is enough storage space, and on the other hand, it should be possible to store the clothes in such a way that they do not get creased. With our different wardrobes, there is also the perfect solution for you:


The universal tall cabinet can be used individually as a kitchen, clothes or extra-high linen cupboard. Of course, you can also combine all functions.



  • Under the lengthways single bed on the drivers side, you will find a large wardrobe in our Malibu Vans, which is conveniently accessible from the front and above thanks to a lift function and a separate mattress section.
  • Under the lengthways single bed on the passenger side you will also find a large linen cupboard with two separate storage compartments. Thanks to a simple folding mechanism, this is easily accessible from above using just one hand!
  • In our layouts with a transverse bed at the rear, you will find two separate wardrobes under the bed on the drivers side. Both wardrobes are easily accessible from above, the front wardrobe is also accessible from the front. The rear wardrobe can be extended to form the rear storage space.
  • In the universal wardrobe under the fridge, there are three interior drawers on the left and a separate, illuminated wardrobe with an interior height of 100 cm on the right.
  • Even in our most compact van, you'll have plenty of space for your holiday wardrobe in the large clothes and linen cupboard above the rear transverse bed.

In order for you to see at a glance which floor plan is equipped with which wardrobes, we have created an overview for you.

 540 DB600 LE600 DB640 LE600 DB K640 LE K640 LE RB
Universal tall cabinet      x
Large wardrobe under lengthways single bed x x xx
Large linen cupboard under lengthways single bed x x xx
Two separate wardrobes under transverse bed  x x  
Universal wardrobe  xx   
Large wardrobe for clothes and linenx