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Published: 02.08.2021

The Malibu Van has the decisive plus: more ride comfort, more sophistication, more quality – and above more variety and individuality. With these typical characteristics, the Malibu van is the comfortable motorhome among the Vans. Located in the premium segment, the innovative Malibu Van has the benefit of more than 40 years of Van and motorhome expertise. You can feel this again in model year 2022.


The Malibu Van family continues to expand. Two extremely versatile layouts have now been added to the Malibu Van product range.  These are all real all-rounders with XL kitchen comfort and a generous feeling of spaciousness. The new Malibu Van diversity is now available as a 600 DB K with a transverse rear bed and an exterior length of just 5.99 m, and on the other hand as a 640 LE K with lengthways single beds in the rear and an exterior length of 6.36 m.


The two layouts of the comfort models, the 600 DB and the 640 LE, are also going into model year 2022 with some valuable new features. Both layouts now impress with the new XL flexi-washroom “1000”. The compact, two-part washroom sliding door provides unrestricted movement in the living area and extra-wide access to the washroom. The swivelling toilet makes perfect use of the space possible and therefore provides plenty of room for hand washing and showering. A practical flap element protects the swivelling toilet from water spray. The shower room is completely separable thanks to two sectional louvres. The fixed mirror increases the amount of headroom above the washbasin, and an open shelf above the washbasin and a spacious wash stand base unit provide plenty of room for washroom utensils. The exclusively developed 80 l absorber fridge with automatic energy source selection for additional self-sufficiency still remains, of course, but is now even smarter thanks to a fridge panel in anthracite.

The wardrobe concept in the Malibu Van comfort has also been optimised: The illuminated universal wardrobe beneath the fridge has been extended on the left with three internal drawers. To the right of this is a separate wardrobe with a clothes rail and an interior height of 100 cm. The Malibu Van comfort 640 LE has an additional, extra-large wardrobe at the passenger side beneath the lengthways single bed which is conveniently accessible from above and the front thanks to the lift function and the separate mattress section. There is a large linen cupboard with two separate storage compartments at the driver side beneath the lengthways single bed. This too is conveniently accessible from above thanks to the flap mechanism and “one touch access”. The wardrobe concept in the Malibu Van comfort 600 DB has also been optimised. In addition to the universal wardrobe beneath the fridge, there are now also two additional wardrobes beneath the transverse rear bed at the passenger side in this model. The front wardrobe is conveniently accessible from above and the front. The rear wardrobe is not only conveniently accessible from above, but can also be extended towards the rear storage compartment.


The lounge seating group of the compact models will have a seat bench slant which creates an extra-wide passage in model year 2022. Two designer shelves also adorn the wall to the washroom above the lounge seating group. Alternatively, the 24" LED flat screen can be optionally positioned here. Another optimisation in the compact models is the powerful 84 l compressor fridge. The lengthways single beds are also positioned 35 cm higher in the Malibu Van compact 600 LE model. This creates room for a wardrobe beneath the lengthways single bed at the passenger side and an additional linen cupboard beneath the lengthways single bed at the driver side. 


The transverse rear bed models 540 DB, 600 DB, 600 DB K are getting new corner shelves above the beds. The 600 LE, 640 LE, 640 LE K layouts, on the other hand, will have overhead storage cabinets in the rear divided into three sections with open corner shelves, based on the Malibu Van first class – two rooms. In all models except the Malibu Van compact a pull-out waste bin is integrated in the separate hygiene area in the storage drawer at the front of the seat bench. The new space-saving, two-part sliding door of the XL flexi-washroom “1000” increases the amount of freedom of movement, and simplifies the passage in the van.

The Malibu Van is going into model year 2022 with three worlds of style – with something for every taste. The classic yet modern Cherry Classic world of style is standard in all Malibu Van models. The fresh and stylish Cherry Style world of style is also optionally available in all model variants. The extremely warm and cosy Turin world of style is also available for the Malibu Van comfort and the charming models 600 DB and 640 LE.

A high standard of entertainment is also provided, since two new multimedia systems are being introduced as an alternative to the standard entertainment systems from basic vehicle manufacturer Fiat. The Moniceiver with DAB+ radio and a 6.8" display is new. Top-quality equipment is provided by the multimedia system with 9" screen including navigation and motorhome route guidance as well as many other features, including e.g. a practical rotary knob for controlling the volume and high-resolution display technology like that which is found in modern Smartphones.