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Published: 08.12.2021

Do you want to experience new adventures with your van even in cool outside temperatures? Then the Malibu Van is the perfect companion for you! The Malibu Van is one of the best insulated vans in its class. Through elaborate body insulation measures, we ensure that the Malibu Van is your perfect travel companion even in sub-zero temperatures. An effort that pays off for you! That way, you can always enjoy a real feel-good climate in your Malibu Van, even when it's cold outside.

The interior roof of our Malibu Vans is insulated with a 20 mm thick RTM rigid foam core, a breathable wooden interior and an exclusive microfibre cover. The living area floor panel also consists of a 20 mm thick RTM rigid foam core, a laminated wood panel and a high-quality PCV covering. The RTM rigid foam is the perfect insulating material for our Malibu Vans: it insulates effectively for life, is water-repellent and does not absorb moisture. At the same time, it has a high thermal insulation capacity. This means it provides protection from heat in summer temperatures and high insulation against cold in winter. The rear wall and doors are lined with 20 mm polyurethane insulating foam mats without cold bridges. In addition, the side walls and body pillars are also insulated with polyurethane insulating foam mats without cold bridges. The exclusive microfibre climate cover on the interior walls and on the ceiling prevents creaking noises during the journey and optimally supplements the insulation.

The Malibu hybrid pop-up roof is of course also equipped with the best insulation concept in its class. The 30 mm sandwich construction consists of GRP, RTM rigid foam and aluminium. Nevertheless, the Malibu hybrid pop-up roof has a low dead weight of only 105 kg.


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