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Published: 30.07.2019

Once again this year, the Malibu vans have some clever new products

Malibu Van Charming Coupé

Van of the year 2019, crowd-puller at trade fairs and extremely popular with box-type van enthusiasts: the Malibu Van is the perfect embodiment of its “Best Van in Class” motto, particularly in the form of a spacious Charming GT. Anyone who appreciates its generous freedom of movement but is willing to go without the Skyroof and the panoramic skylight will now also hit paydirt with us: Malibu Van Charming Coupé is the extension of the successful model family. The Malibu Van Charming Coupé provides lots of space and freedom of movement in the living area, and there is more standing height thanks to the removal of the overhead storage cabinets.

The overhead storage cabinets and the indirectly illuminated canopies have also been extended towards the front above the seating group, meaning that the cockpit of the Malibu Van Charming Coupé is perfectly integrated into the living area and combines with it to form a unit. The friendly and light interior of the Malibu Van Charming Coupé is based on the “Charming” model series. Both floor plans also originate from this model series. The new Malibu Van Charming Coupé is available as the 600 DB with a large transverse rear bed, and as the 640 LE with single beds arranged lengthways. The exclusive Charming equipment line impresses with the harmonious wooden decor in noble cherry with mother of pearl white fronts, a sophisticated lighting concept and also with an elegant entrance area with Malibu Branding and an LED accent light strip in model year 2020. The harmonious exterior decor rounds off the Van concept.

The Malibu Van Charming Coupé also scores points with the known highlights of the comfort models of the Malibu Van. Such as the patented 3-in-1 flexi-washroom with swivelling toilet and stable shower partitioning using hinged elements, the spacious kitchen with user-friendly, raised Absorber fridge which has been designed exclusively for Malibu, the large wardrobe and the cosy lounge seating group. And the robust furniture construction with double connection technology and high quality fittings, the LED lighting with many spotlights, perfect insulation of the floor, walls, doors and roof, the high-performance Combi 6 heater and the unsurpassed storage space concept with large rear storage compartment, the practical storage drawer beneath the lounge seating group, surrounding overhead storage cabinets above the beds in the rear and many other details.


Table & chair set, removable rear storage compartment

As far as luggage is concerned, the developers of the Malibu Van have come up with another new feature, the double floor rear storage compartment. This is optional, and divides the large rear storage compartment in all models into two levels using a folding cover. This means that you can store your luggage in a tidy and easily accessible way. To go with this, Malibu also has an exclusive table and chair set made from two folding camping chairs with Malibu branding and a folding camping table. Everything matches and can be neatly stowed away in two pockets, perfectly beneath the double floor in the rear storage compartment. Above it there is room for your individual travel luggage. The intermediate shelf can be removed if the user needs room for bigger luggage items. The Malibu table and chair set are optional available for all Malibu van and the Malibu motorhome models.