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Published: 01.06.2021

The experience from more than 40 years of motorhome manufacturing goes into every Malibu Van. It’s therefore hardly surprising that motorhome standard technology is used in all of our Malibu Vans. Every Malibu Van is perfectly insulated thanks to the elaborate body insulation measures.
The roof interior and the living area floor panel is insulated with a 20 mm thick RTM hard foam core in our vans. The material has lifelong effective insulation, since it is water-repelling and therefore does not absorb moisture. The RTM hard foam core also has excellent thermal insulating capability. It therefore provides protection from heat in summer temperatures, and insulates against the cold in winter. The side walls and main body frame members are also elaborately lined with polyurethane insulating mats in the Malibu Van in order to prevent cold bridges. The microfibre climate-enhancing covering on the inner walls and the ceiling also contributes to providing optimum insulation, and also helps to prevent creaking noise while driving. The Malibu premium windows with surrounding frame and dual sealing system are another highlight. The windows provide optimum protection from rain and splash water, and also provide additional protection against break-ins. The Malibu Vans are among the best-insulated vans in their class, which we certify with our 6-year leaktightness guarantee in series.

Malibu premium windows with surrounding frames and double sealing system
Floor panel and ceiling panel with RTM hard foam insulation core. Protection from heat and cold, and secondary driving noise
Elaborate main body insulating measures
Micro-fibre climate-enhancing covering on inner walls and ceiling – for optimum insulation and avoiding creaking noises while driving

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