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Published: 09.08.2021


Join Alex and Felix as they prepare for their trip together in their vans and be excited, because not everything goes according to plan for Felix.

Every Malibu Van benefits from the innovative strength, top of the range technology and quality of the motorhome premium class. This all flows into the unique Malibu added value promise – a Malibu van is always the “best van in class”. It combines the handy dimensions of a van with the comfort of a large motorhome. All Malibu van models therefore have a huge amount of storage space and convenient access, among other things. You will find room for all of your holiday luggage in our vans, and it will be securely stowed away while you are travelling. Our vans are easy to load and unload thanks to the convenient access to the storage space.

All Malibu Vans (except the charming versions as coupé or GT skyview) have an overhead storage cabinet with a front flap above the driver’s cabin. Even the living room table can be stowed away here while you are travelling in the two 540 DB and 600 LE compact models.

Another storage space highlight is the large storage compartment in the double floor of the lounge seating group. The storage compartment can be accessed quickly and easily thanks to the hatch and the high quality hinges.

The Malibu vans also have a large storage compartment beneath the seat bench which can be conveniently accessed from above without any troublesome upholstery removal.

The large storage drawer beneath the lounge seating group opposite the kitchen provides plenty of room for your kitchen utensils.

Every floor plan has a matching wardrobe for your holiday wardrobe. Whether it's a large wardrobe or linen under the lengthways single beds, two separate wardrobes under the transverse rear bed or an extra-high, clothes hanger deep universal wardrobe with three internal drawers and a separate wardrpbe - in the Malibu Van, your entire holiday wardrobe can be neatly stowed away.

You also have a rear storage compartment with full access in all Malibu vans. Thanks to the fold-up beds at both sides, bulky luggage such as bicycles can be stored here without problems. Thanks to the practical shelf beneath the bed, even small luggage items can be stored neatly and securely.

If another storage area is required in the rear, a removable double floor in rear storage compartment on two levels can be optionally installed.

In all Malibu Vans you have a through-loading storage compartment with continuous floor without technology channel thanks to completely removable step tread (600 DB, 600 DB K) or completely removable entrance steps (640 LE, 640 LE K, 640 LE RB).

Would you like to know more about the special features of the Malibu Vans? Discover the Malibu added value promise now.