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Published: 16.08.2020

Malibu Van family-for-4 with pop-up roof and unique hybrid construction

Further evidence of the innovative strength of Malibu is the new Malibu Van family-for-4 with pop-up roof with a unique hybrid construction. The pop-up roof has been developed in-house and is also manufactured in our own factory.

As is customary at Malibu, a great deal of emphasis has also been placed on high-quality motorhome technology as far as the pop-up roof is concerned. The elaborate 30 mm sandwich construction of the hybrid pop-up roof consists of a robust GRP roof covering for protection against hail and exterior damage.  The middle of the pop-up roof is made from an RTM hard foam insulating core, and on the inside it consists of aluminium with a breathable microfibre cover. The rounded roof edges and the curved roof apex consist of moulded plastic parts. The hybrid pop-up roof nestles elegantly against the main body of the basic Fiat Ducato vehicle. The roof has a light weight of just 105 kg, but it is also extremely stable and provides excellent insulation against cold in the winter and heat in the summer.



It also scores points with regard to the design with a two-tone look. The edges of the roof are black and the middle section is grey – a combination which harmonises perfectly with the numerous main body colours that are available for the Malibu Van. The Malibu Van family-for-4 has a front roof spoiler as standard (except the GT skyview models), which provides the unique and sporty appearance and also prevents interfering wind noise.

The Malibu hybrid pop-up roof can be opened and closed very easily thanks to a dual pop-up mechanism. The extra high pop-up angle provides plenty of headroom and sufficient sitting height.

The pop-up roof provides a sufficient amount of room when it is open – whether you’re travelling as a couple or with the entire family. The Malibu Van family-for-4 has four fully-fledged sleeping berths with the beds in the rear and the beds in the sleeping roof. There is also plenty of room for dreaming upstairs thanks to a sleeping length of up to 200 cm. Two reading spotlights which can be switched on and off separately are integrated in the inside of the pop-up roof. Access to the upstairs is easy thanks to the access ladder and the large access area with faux leather bordering. The additional premium window in the washroom provides excellent ventilation throughout the van.

The new family-for-4 pop-up roof is available as a model variant for all comfort models and for the new Malibu Van first class – two rooms. Also unique and only available from Malibu is the pop-up roof in combination with the charming models, either as a coupé or a GT skyview.