Categories: Motorhome, Tips & Tricks
Published: 30.01.2020

Do you already know about the Malibu Pedelec garage? Malibu has developed a Pedelec solution especially for the requirements of the queen-size bed models, which means you don't need to leave your bike, Pedelec or scooter at home when you go on holiday.

Malibu Pedelec garage with patented loading height increase up to 124 cm - wonderfully simple, simply wonderful! How it works:

Just swivel up the rear bed from the outside with your hand, slide the bike into the garage using the optional push-in system, and lower the bed again.
The Malibu trick: a lowered area in the floor accommodates the front wheel. This recess and the underside of the bed, which can be swivelled upwards, creates a loading height of up to 124 cm in the garage, which is normally 112 cm high. Everything securely lashed down – ready to go. The rear bed in the sleeping area remains at its low, easily accessible access height at all times. If no scooter or bicycle is being transported, the lowered area is covered by a floor panel, creating a level loading surface.

A pedelec or scooter can easily be loaded using the hook-on ramp
The loading height is increased by simply swivelling up the rear bed on the inside with one hand and also because of the extra-low floor recess (handlebar height up to 124 cm therefore possible)
The Malibu transport fixing system makes it possible to secure everything while travelling with only a few manual operations