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Published: 07.12.2020

Life on board the new GENERATION M Malibu motorhomes is made much more enjoyable by many practical and sophisticated details. Regardless of whether it is the lighting concept, the LED flat screens, the kitchen, the washroom or the storage compartment – the Malibu motorhome is always one detail ahead!

The revised lighting concept of the Malibu motorhomes creates a cosy atmosphere thanks to numerous LED spotlights in the roof and the LED ambient lighting above the overhead storage compartments, plus plinth lighting beneath the L-shaped lounge seating group. The LED work lighting and the LED ambient lighting can also be controlled separately.

As well as the new lighting, the newly designed, elegantly curved L-shaped lounge seating group also provides real added value with regard to storage space. Thanks to the swing-out shoe cabinet with holding system, all of your shoes are stored in an instant.

Entertainment is also taken care of on board: the optional LED flat screens measure either 24 inches or 32 inches depending on the model version. Depending on the layout, the monitors are discreetly accommodated in a TV cabinet with a pull-out system, in an elegantly integrated TV cabinet, behind the side seat with Quick-up system or in a swivelling system in the entrance area.

The corner kitchen and the comfort corner kitchen impress with plinth lighting, and the lower drawers have a homely wooden decor. An elegant curved kitchen counter separates the kitchen area from the lounge seating group. 

An elegant curved kitchen counter separates the kitchen area from the lounge seating group. All of the GENERATION M kitchens have fridges from the new DOMETIC 10 series with left and right opening – the fridge can therefore be conveniently accessed from both sides.

The optional coffee machine with pull-out system that is available for all models has its fixed place in the overhead storage cabinet above the kitchen. Depending on the model, the optional oven is located in the kitchen base unit.

The detail adjustments of the space-saving combined washroom of the new GENERATION M are also impressive: optimised freedom of movement, a shelf for shower utensils in the shower cabinet, a practical towel rail in the skylight and an additional fixed mirror.

All GENERATION M models have a private changing room which is separated from the living area as standard. In models I 441 LE, I/T 410 DB, I/T 430 LE and I/T 460 LE, the open washroom door acts as a room divider for a changing room.

In models I/T 440 LE and I/T 440 QB, a separate sliding door gives you privacy.

In the two comfort plus models I/T 490 LE and I/T 500 QB, not only the living area but also the sleeping area can be partitioned off. In the I/T 490 LE, this is done using a solid wooden sliding door in front of the sleeping area (also optional in model I/T 460 LE).

In model I/T 500 QB the changing room can be variably separated from the sleeping area thanks to a three-part pull-out room divider and TV wall.

A small but sophisticated detail: the armrests of the Malibu coachbuilt are now padded and covered with the same material as the seats, like the Malibu A-class.

In the Malibu I/I 440 QB and 440 LE, there has been another noticeable increase in storage space, because the heating has freed up the space beneath the single seat. The Malibu I 460 LE has even got an additional exterior storage hatch at the passenger side with access to the huge double floor storage compartment – making it accessible from both sides. The double floor storage compartment of all GENERATION M models is illuminated with LED lighting technology so that you have a clear view of your luggage.

The new worlds of living of the Malibu motorhomes are really eye-catching! The range of colours and materials covers the entire range from youthful and modern to classic and elegant – making Malibu even more diverse and attractive.