Categories: Motorhome
Published: 07.11.2020

Not only has the GENERATION M of Malibu motorhomes had an interior makeover, but the vehicles are almost unrecognisable from the outside as well. The elegant roof rounding catches the eye immediately - it is free of thermal bridges thanks to having a frame member that is bonded over its entire surface, and it also makes a decisive contribution to the outstanding rigidity of the main body and the side impact protection. The revised rear design with a flowing transition into the roof and the side wall rounding is not only a visual highlight, but is also easy to repair in the event of damage thanks to the 4-piece rear frame.


The new “bronzeline” exterior design with exclusive m-branding is recognisable from afar, of course. The flat side windows blend harmoniously into the side wall design of the A-class models, giving them a homogeneous overall appearance. The A-class models of GENERATION M also impress with a new front mask with integrated daytime driving lights and LED fibre optic technology, which not only looks visually impressive but also provides perfect visibility on the road.