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Published: 20.01.2021

The Malibu motorhomes of the new GENERATION M provide exactly what they promise! Get in and experience quality – such as the double floor with a huge storage compartment that is unique in this class, the top class bodywork with elegant roof / side wall rounding and the high quality furniture construction with double connection technology. We have selected two popular layouts for you which have a lot in common but differ in the details. Discover the finer details of the two lengthways single bed models I/T 430 LE and I/T 460 LE by comparing them.

Basic vehicle and exterior

Both layouts, be it A-class or coachbuilt, are available on the basic Fiat Ducato vehicle with a gross weight of up to 4.25 t. The Fiat Ducato impresses with a powerful engine with up to 178 HP (130 kW) and sporty 16” aluminium wheels (optional). Whereas the Malibu I 460 LE is an impressive 7.25 m in length and the Malibu T 460 LE is 7.20 m long, the Malibu I 430 LE impresses with a compact 6.95 m and the Malibu T 430 LE with 6.90 m.


With both layouts, the elegant roof rounding, the sporty rear design and the modern “bronzeline” exterior design with exclusive m-branding immediately catch the eye. With both A-class models, the I 430 LE and the I 460 LE, the flat side windows at the passenger side in the driver’s cabin harmoniously blends with the side wall design, and provide a homogeneous overall appearance. The I 430 LE and the I 460 LE also impress with a new front mask with integrated daytime driving lights and LED fibre optic technology, which not only looks visually impressive, but also provides perfect visibility on the road. 

Interior and interior design

Both the I/T 430 LE and the I/T 460 LE benefit from the new interior design of GENERATION M. The stylish furniture architecture with concave overhead storage cabinet flaps and the modern Bellagio world of style with furniture surfaces with a two-tone look in high gloss ivory with wooden strips and chrome piping are a real eye catcher. The Graphic Stone floor covering finishes off the interior, combining cosiness with trendiness. In both layouts, you can choose between 13 different types of upholstery – we guarantee there’s something for everyone!

World of Style Bellagio

Worlds of living

Living area:
Both layouts have a cosy L-shaped lounge seating group with an integrated pull-out shoe cabinet in the seat bench plinth, including a holding system. A television can be optionally installed in both layouts if required, whereby the position of the TV is different. With the I/T 430 LE, you have the choice between a 24” or a 32" LED flat screen which is located in a TV cabinet above the seating group. With the I/T 460 LE, the optional 24" LED flat screen is positioned in the entrance area with a swivelling system. 

The extra-large drop-down bed with a reclining area of 195 x 160 cm and convenient bed access are a part of the standard equipment in both A-class models, I 430 LE and I 460 LE, but you can also order all-round overhead storage compartments instead of a drop-down bed in the driver’s cabin. The electrically operated central drop-down bed is optionally available for the Malibu T 460 LE. The Malibu T 430 LE is only available without a central bed. The two coachbuilt models provide an absolute feel-good atmosphere thanks to the ceiling canopy with integrated lighting, and the optional Skyview sunroof with designer headliner and indirect lighting floods the living area with light.

The space-saving galley kitchen in the I/T 430 LE is ideal for short vehicle lengths, and also provides storage space thanks to six deep drawers and spacious overhead storage cabinets above the kitchen. A coffee machine with pull-out system can optionally be accommodated in the overhead storage cabinets. The 133 l fridge with a door which opens at both sides is positioned directly next to the galley kitchen at convenient hand height. The divided sink cover is particularly practical, since it can be secured in the wall holder and used as an additional work surface or cutting board. The easy-clean kitchen splashback in high gloss cream fits in perfectly with the interior design. There is also room in the I/T 430 LE galley kitchen for an optional gas oven with grill function in the kitchen base unit.

In the I/T 460 LE, the corner kitchen is elegantly separated from the living room by a kitchen worktop. This kitchen version provides even more storage space thanks to six deep pull-out drawers and the spacious overhead storage cabinets above the kitchen. The 133 l Slimtower fridge with a door which opens at both sides is positioned directly opposite the corner kitchen at convenient hand height. A visual highlight of the corner kitchen is the ambient plinth lighting from below – a real eye catcher! But the corner kitchen also has some things in common with the galley kitchen: such as the multifunctional sink cover, the optional capsule coffee maker with pull-out system and the optional gas oven.

Bathroom and changing room:
Both layouts impress with the Malibu combination washroom, which contains everything you need on the road: separable round shower, mirror cabinet, wash stand base unit and numerous shelves. The curved wash stand surface once again highlights the visual room partitioning into a washroom, toilet and shower area. Thanks to two wrap-around doors, the round shower can be completely separated, and the washroom is therefore guaranteed to stay dry. The combination washroom in the I/T 430 LE and I/T 460 LE models gets plenty of light and ventilation thanks to the Mini-Heki skylight with towel rail. Both layouts also have a changing room which provides protection from prying eyes. The fixed partitioning from the living area by the washroom door creates a spacious changing room. In the Malibu I/T 460 LE, the changing room can also be optionally separated from the sleeping area with an additional solid wooden sliding door. A completely separable changing room is created in the I/T 460 LE in this way.

Sleeping area:
You can easily access the lengthways single beds in the I/T 430 LE and the I/T 460 LE thanks to the pull-out access steps – even when the reclining area extension is being used. With both models you can also optionally choose the comfort access steps with extra deep and wide steps with an additional storage compartment. The wardrobes beneath the beds are lowered into the double floor, making them conveniently accessible from above and from the front. In the Malibu I/T 460 LE there is also additional storage space for your holiday clothing thanks to the separate, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. The lengthways single beds in both layouts provide a considerable degree of sleeping comfort with a heated and ventilated sprung slatted frame and the 7 zone cold foam mattress. The reclining dimensions in the I/T 430 LE are 200/190 x 85 cm and 200/195 x 85 cm in the I/T 460 LE.