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Published: 30.07.2019

The Malibu Motorhomes also have more to offer in model year 2020! Doing good things better – the 2020 vintage of the semi-integrated and integrated Malibu motorhomes is characterised by equipment and comfort refinements. These make the motorhomes even more homely and attractive.

Malibu Motorhomes

The interior of the Malibu motorhomes has been visibly enhanced. The new wall cladding with decorative stitching behind the side seat makes the interior even more harmonious. In models T/I 410 DB, T/I 460 LE and T/I 440 LE and T/I 440 QB the TFT screen has increased to a 24 inch format. The kitchen has also undergone further optimisation, and the new kitchen splashback in high gloss cream complements the Malibu Design in a perfect way. It is easy to maintain and easy to clean at the same time.

The comfort plus model I 500 QB comes up trumps with a pull-out room partition and TV wall with which the changing room can be separated from the bedroom in a variable way.
In future, the changing room will be able to be separated from the sleeping area thanks to the new solid wooden sliding door in the Malibu I 490 LE.

If the buyers of a Malibu integrated forego the standard drop-down bed above the driver’s cabin seats, they now get a tremendous standing height and a wonderful feeling of spaciousness with an enhanced appearance. Last but not least, the Malibu models T/I 430 LE have an additional double floor exterior storage compartment in the vicinity of the double-floor basement immediately behind the main cabin door.

Verzichten Käufer eines Malibu Integrierten auf das serienmäßige Hubbett über den Fahrerhaussitzen, erhalten sie nun eine enorme Stehhöhe und ein wunderbares Raumgefühl in aufgewerteter Optik. Nicht zuletzt bekommen die Modelle Malibu T/I 430 LE einen zusätzlichen Doppelboden-Außenstauraum im Bereich des Doppelboden-Kellers unmittelbar hinter der Aufbautür.