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Published: 08.02.2022

Do you also like to travel in winter? Do you like to go skiing or to colder regions? With our Malibu motorhomes and the intelligent heating and air-conditioning technology, you can achieve comfortable environment even in sub-zero temperatures. You have the choice between two types of heating:

Alde hot water heating (I/T 460 LE, 490 LE, 500 QB) and Truma Combi 6 warm air heating (all models). We will explain to you which advantages you have with which heating technology and how these heating technologies work. 

Alde hot water heating

The Alde heating system works with a water-glycol mixture. You can imagine the principle as a system in many homes. The glycol serves as frost protection and protects the system from corrosion. The water-glycol mixture is heated in a liquid gas boiler. The heated liquid is pumped through the system of convectors and pipes by a circulation pump. The convectors are located in the raised floor and between the outer wall and furniture parts. The cold air flows past the convectors and pipes and warms up, the warm air rises and warms up the walls and furniture.

The warm air forms an air barrier in front of the windows, thereby keeping out the cold. On its way to the ceiling of the motorhome, the warm air cools down and sinks to the ground again. The cold air is then heated by the convectors. The natural air flow of the central heating ensures a comfortable warmth of the entire living area.

Advantages of the Alde hot water heating system:

  • Heating and hot water preparation in one unit
  • concealed installation
  • integrated electric heating elements
  • comfortable control via touch screen control panel
  • daytime operation and night setback programmable
  • noiseless
  • No dust whirling up

Truma Combi 6warm air heater

The Truma Combi 6 warm air heater heats with 6000 watts and combines two functions: Heating and water heating. The heater also has a ten-litre water tank, which is also heated in winter. But how exactly does the warm air heater work?

You can start the heater and set the desired temperature on the control panel above the body door. The heater is connected to the gas supply via a gas connection, and a solenoid valve regulates the supply of gas to the heater. Necessary combustion air enters the appliance through the outer pipe of the combustion air/flue stack and with the help of the combustion air blower it is transported into the gas burner. The gas burner then ignites the gas-air mixture in the combustion chamber. Hot flue gases are deflected at the end of the combustion chamber and flow back between the flame tube of the burner and the inner wall of the heat exchanger and then pass outside via the flue gas stack. The air to be heated enters the interior of the unit through the recirculation fan and flows along the fins of the heat exchanger. The warm air is then distributed throughout the motorhome via the numerous warm air outlets throughout the double-floor basement, the living area, the rear garage, the driver's cab and the cold-sensitive door entrances.

Advantages of the Truma Combi 6 hot-air heating system:

  • Heating and hot water boiler in one unit
  • concealed installation
  • Integrated fan
  • Control via control panel with room thermo sensor
  • Low weight
  • frost monitor drain valve operates without current