Categories: Motorhome
Published: 07.04.2020

Individual design, panoramic view while driving and an extraordinary feeling of spaciousness. Arrived at your destination, simply turn the front seats around and you already have a spacious living environment. At night you are then given a warm welcome by the easily accessible fold-down bed above the front seats in our A Class motorhomes. You will enjoy the spaciousness of the living area and the perfectly integrated driver's cab on every holiday trip! 

  1. Double floor basement with massive heated storage compartment, usable height up to 48 cm. Access via large exterior hatches. Access to the extra-low basement storage compartment from the inside via the large living area floor hatch. Also easy to load through the entrance door.
  2. The multifunctional insulating pleated windscreen blind can be operated vertically. It can function as a sun blind, for privacy or as a black-out blind with insulation – whatever you want. Furthermore, the honeycombs of the pleated windscreen blind insulate the living area from the influence of heat or cold from the windscreen.
  3. Active driving, extra-low dashboard for early visibility of the road and low panoramic windscreen. Top test result for view of the road surface after just 2.77 m.
  4. Driver’s door with low door entrance and double locking for security.
  5. Maintaining an overview at all times thanks to the glare-free reversing camera monitor.
  6. A major argument for the premium class integrated motorhome is the drop-down bed. It provides plenty of room with the biggest sleeping area in its class of 195 x 160 cm, convenient access to the bed without a ladder via the side seat bench, and a stable and wobble-free bed support in the sleeping position. There is also a bookshelf and spotlights in the sleeping area as well as practical storage areas in the driver’s cabin.
  7. Swivelling TV holder system for watching TV at a convenient viewing height.
  8. High-quality wall cladding with decorative stitching giving the interior an even more harmonious impression.