Published: 21.06.2019

Carthago has been an independent family-run company and permanent feature at the pinnacle of the motorhome industry for 40 years. Company founder and owner Karl-Heinz Schuler talks about what it is that constitutes the company, where new ideas come from time and time again, and how the future might look.

1. Mr. Schuler, when did you decide to build motorhomes?

Motorhomes caught my attention on many occasions whilst I was studying. I examined them more closely at the time, and something became clear to me in an instant: We can do better than that! The foundations for Carthago were laid with this idea and motivation.

2. Where did the name Carthago come from?

I wanted a name that was special, attractive and would stick in people's minds. It had nothing to do with the history of the city of Carthage at the time. 
Nowadays I think differently about it: Carthage and its General Hannibal were very successful because they tried to do things differently. Just think about crossing the Alps on elephants! Of course, we don't go on military campaigns any more. However, Carthago also means being different, acting in an extraordinary way and repeatedly coming up with surprising new ideas.

3. Carthago has evolved into a premium manufacturer since 1979. Did you anticipate this success story at the time?

No one could ever foresee that we would be so successful, nor could it be planned. Our goal was always to build the best high-end motorhomes. We want to have satisfied customers, and success and growth will then follow naturally.

4. What does Carthago Premium DNA stand for?

Every one of our motorhomes contains our Carthago Premium DNA, and it is both motivation and an obligation to us. They are characterised by the Carthago main body design, the biggest storage space system in its class, the well thought-out heating and air conditioning technology, our driving safety and visibility concept and the Carthago personality. We are simply exceptional: our materials, our connection technology and the weight and stability demands are even similar to those of aircraft technology. Quite rightly, every sixth integrated motorhome that is registered in Europe in the price class above 85,000 Euros is a Carthago. Because a Carthago is simply unmistakeable!

5. What is your recipe for success?

Our recipe for success is the Carthago inventive spirit. We are the leading innovator in the motorhome industry, we maintain our quality claim with every model series, and we are a pioneer within the industry time and time again. Our customers appreciate the sophistication in the detail and our independent and exclusive design.

6. Where does Carthago get the ideas from?

It is my major passion to develop ideas through to product maturity. The most important thing when doing this is to always provide these ideas with a real customer benefit. With 40 years of experience in the industry, I can really “beam myself into” a motorhome. Please don’t laugh, I often do that in the evenings before going to sleep! I also like our employees to travel in motorhomes themselves at regular intervals. Because their ideas mainly come from hands-on experience in this way. 

7. What is it that defines the Carthago style?

The Carthago design evolves. Our designers make suggestions and know my personal taste quite well when doing this. We also use surveys, because this is where the people who know best make the decisions: our customers. They particularly like the exterior and interior design, the storage space, the quality of the furniture, the sleeping and driving comfort and the driving safety. 

8. How would you describe Carthago in one sentence?

Down-to-earth and liberal-minded at the same time, that is Carthago culture in a nutshell.

9. Carthago city in Aulendorf is the company headquarters. What makes it special?

All interested parties and customers are welcome to come to Carthago City. A tour of the factory will give you an insight into handicraft perfection combined with high-tech components and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Of course, our dealers are frequently on site and take a look behind the scenes. We train all of our sales and customer service employees to be certified Carthago partners all over Europe in an academy programme.

10. Mr. Schuler, you are 65 years of age. What does the future of Carthago look like?

It is very important to me for the Carthago Group to remain an independent family-run company. My son Sebastian is already in the starting blocks, 
and is looking forward to taking on more responsibility. We have also established the Karl-Heinz Schuler family foundation. In this way, Carthago will permanently be under family ownership, and the future of the company will be safeguarded.