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Published: 11.03.2022

The Malibu A-class motorhomes stand for elegant exterior design, panoramic views in a class of their own, a spacious living area and a conveniently accessible drop-down bed. We would like to present these advantages and many more to you today with the I 490 LE layout. 

Base vehicle

The Malibu I 490 LE comes on the Fiat Ducato 35 light chassis as standard. The engine can be selected up to 180 hp (132 kW).


Highlights of the living area

You can spend cosy evenings with friends with the spacious L-shaped lounge seating area. The living area table can be rotated 360° and moved in two directions, for full flexibility.



The drop-down bed above the cab has room for up to two more travellers (195 x 160 m). If you prefer to travel as a couple, the option "Omission of drop-down bed" is just the thing for you. In this case, the extra sleeping berths are deleted, and instead you gain even more storage and a feeling of space thanks to the all-round overhead storage cabinets.


Intelligently solved: a swivel-out shoe cabinet is hidden underneath the L-shaped lounge seating area, with an integrated system to keep things tidy. Evenings can be enjoyed just as comfortably from the L-shaped lounge seating area with the optional 32'' LED flat screen. The LED ambient lighting, which can be controlled separately, provides a feel-good atmosphere.

Kitchen highlights

An elegant kitchen counter protrudes between the L-shaped lounge seating area and the kitchen, which on the one hand creates a visual division of space and on the other hand can be used as a storage area. In addition to six deep kitchen drawers, a large overhead storage cabinet and shelving areas, the comfort corner kitchen is enhanced with a separate bottle cabinet.


The kitchen surface as well as the 3-ring gas hob with divided glass cover and glass base are easy to maintain thanks to the easy clean materials. The multifunctional sink cover, which can also be used as a chopping board and additional work surface, offers a great solution, and the hidden coffee capsule machine (optional) incl. pull-out system in the overhead storage cabinet also has its advantages. The opposite 153-litre refrigerator gives the kitchen a modern look with its dark look and its large volume offers enough space for food and drinks.


Comfort luxury bathroom with changing room

The spacious washroom and toilet area with a mirror and vanity unit ensures enough storage space and freedom of movement. The shower opposite boasts a headroom of 198 cm and level shower access incl. standard shower insert with the same design as the living area floor, so that even tall people can enjoy a shower experience like at home. The comfort luxury bathroom is flooded with light thanks to the Mini-Heki skylight in the washroom and toilet area as well as the roof dome with integrated towel rail in the shower area.


The solid wooden sliding door can be used to separate the bedroom and a solid bathroom door can be used to separate the living area, creating a changing room. We show you how this works with the help of the layout illustration below: 

Step 1: The (1) solid luxury bathroom door acts as partitioning from the living area, creating a private changing room at the same time
Step 2: The (2) solid wooden sliding door acts as partitioning from the sleeping area, creating a completely separate changing room



The bedroom in the Malibu I 490 LE invites you to dream. The surfaces of the lengthways single beds (200/190 x 85 cm) are not only large, but also super comfortable thanks to the slatted frame and quality mattresses. This area can be converted into a large sleeping area thanks to the sleeping area extension. To do this, the access steps are pulled out and the additional mattress is placed on the extension area. Speaking of the access steps: they ensure easy access to the lengthways single beds. For even more comfort, you can also opt for the pull-out comfort access steps (optional) with this layout.


We show you the difference between these variants in the following video:


Underneath the lengthways single beds, wardrobes are built into the double floor, which can be accessed from above or from the front. With the all-round overhead storage cabinets in the rear, you also have enough storage space for your holiday essentials.