Published: 25.03.2019

The largest and one of the most popular Malibu vans is the640 LE model with an overall length of 6.35 metres. It particularly impresses with its spacious lengthways single beds and its enormous rear storage compartment.

The spacious seating group is cosy and provides room for visitors and evenings together thanks to the swivelling driver’s seats and large table. You can choose between two worlds of style with different wood colours with the Malibu Van, in accordance with your taste.

Ideal for travel and sufficient room for the award-winning kitchen at the same time: The kitchen of the Malibu Van 640 LE doesn’t just provide a considerable amount of work space and storage space, such as in the storage drawer in the living area seat bench opposite. The Absorber fridge which has been designed exclusively for Malibu can be operated with gas, 12 V or 230 V, and therefore provides you with maximum flexibility and self-sufficiency.

The patented 3-in-1 flexible bathroom fulfils the highest of comfort demands as a shower, washroom and toilet. The clever trick of the swivelling toilet unit creates perfect space conditions in a compact area.

Malibu Van 640 LE, Cherry Shining
Malibu Van 640 LE, 3-in-1-Flexi-Bathroom
Malibu Van 640 LE, kitchen
Malibu Van 640 LE, lengthways single beds


There are special characteristics and advantages in every Malibu Van which cannot be found in any other camping bus on the market. This added value, which is typical of the brand, can be felt and experienced on every trip that you undertake in your Malibu Van: more functionality, more comfort, more safety and more relaxation.
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