Categories: Tips & Tricks, Van, Motorhome
Published: 26.11.2021

Do you want to give your motorhome or van a winter break? If so, there a few things to do beforehand! The following overview will tell you what needs to be done before your motorhome or van takes a winter break. The next travel season can then start without problems next spring:

  • Inspect your motorhome all round and look for dirt accumulations consisting of leaves or soil (particularly on the frame and the underbody). There is a risk of rusting in these areas because of the moisture that might occur there.
  • Clean the drains of doors and sills.
  • Wash your motorhome, polish it and seal it with wax.
  • Clean the window and door seals with rubber cleaning agent or solvent (Vaseline).
  • Refuel the vehicle before parking it up (diesel). Top up the AdBlue.
  • Clean and disinfect the fresh water and waste water tanks. Drain the tanks completely.
  • Be sure to check the antifreeze of the cooling water and the windscreen washing system.
  • Charge the starter battery and the supply battery.
  • Put the Lithium batteries into sleep mode
  • Close the gas cylinders, disconnect them and fit the dust caps to the cylinders. 
  • Leave the fridge door slightly open in the ventilation position.
  • Lift up the upholstery if possible, so that air can circulate all round it.
  • In order to keep down the humidity in the motorhome, put out some dehumidifying granulate (usually effective for 2-3 months).
  • Close all openings (windows, doors and pipes etc.) against ingress by animals.
  • If your vehicle is on a level surface, put it in gear and release the handbrake. This will prevent the handbrake from seizing up during the winter.
  • It is best to park your vehicle dry and propped up in order to relieve the pressure on the tyres.
  • Inflate the tyres with approximately 0.5 bar above the normal operating pressure. Recommendation: use the wheel arches – this will prevent storage damage.