Categories: Tips & Tricks, Van, Motorhome
Published: 01.03.2022

With the first rays of sunshine in spring, many motorhome owners are drawn back into nature. But before you take your motorhome or van on holiday for the first time after winter, you should clean your vehicle and check its functionality. The following checklist should help you get your Malibu ready for spring. If you follow the points on the list, nothing will stand in the way of your first drive in the new year.

To the checklist


  • Vacuum the vehicle completely once and wipe it with a damp cloth
  • Vacuuming upholstery, mattresses and carpets
  • Clean the fronts and other surfaces with a wet cloth.
  • Clean cupboards, furniture surfaces, kitchen and bathroom
  • Maintain and rub in the seals of the windows and doors in the interior with a care stick or talcum powder.
  • Clean water pipes with a disinfectant


  • Remove dirt from the outside of the entire vehicle
  • Clean attachments
  • Cleaning the wheel housings and rims with a water hose
  • Remove rain streaks from the edges of the roof, under the windows and from the exterior decor
  • Checking the exterior walls for damage
  • Thorough cleaning of the glass panes in the cab area
  • Thorough cleaning of the plastic windows and plastic parts
  • Remove any flash rust from the paint and plastic parts


  • Checking the voltage of the batteries, recharging if necessary
  • Replace winter screenwash in windscreen wiper reservoir with summer windscreen cleaner
  • Checking the level of engine cooling water and engine oil
  • Check components for function, switch on battery main switch if present, check all electrical systems (inside and outside), especially indicators, brake lights, tail lights and parking lights.
  • Remove the winter cover of the refrigerator ventilation grille (if present).
  • Checking the tyres (tyre pressure, tread depth, retightening the wheel nuts and checking the spare wheel)
  • Checking the dates for inspection, TÜV test, leak and service inspection, gas test and chassis service