Introducing: Malibu Van Charming GT, new world of style, tried and tested quality
Categories: Van, Motorhome
Published: 05.02.2019

A Malibu Van simply offers more: Be it the extremely large amount of storage space, the well-thought out technology at the highest motorhome level, or the high quality furniture construction with double connection technology – a Malibu Van represents the best all-round travel comfort.

From this model year onwards, the Malibu Van Charming GT has been added to the model range of our Malibu Vans. A vehicle in which travellers will experience a completely new space concept. The cockpit has been completely integrated into the living room with a large roof cut-out in the Malibu Van Charming GT. Not only does the built-in panoramic sunroof provide you with the best views, but also provides more freedom of movement and a feeling of spaciousness. The Malibu Van Charming GT combines the handling of a van with the spaciousness of a compact motorhome. The interior is based on the Charming style world with bicolour noble cherry tree furniture decor, a light floor covering and indirect ambient lighting with LED light technology. The Malibu Van Charming GT is available with floor plans 600 DB with transverse double bed and 640 LE with lengthways single beds.


Our Malibu Vans are also more diverse than ever: From this model year onwards, five models are optionally available in the new, bright world of style “Cherry Shining”. The furniture decor in noble cherry has also been complemented with flaps and a bathroom door in pearl white.

There are special characteristics and advantages in every Malibu Van which cannot be found in any other camping bus on the market. This added value, which is typical of the brand, can be felt and experienced on every trip that you undertake in your Malibu Van: more functionality, more comfort, more safety and more relaxation. Read for yourself