Published: 06.06.2022

"The quality and design of the products is wonderful" says Lee Thornton, Malibu brand manager for the UK. These two aspects are part of our added values, that, in total, provide you with additional functionality, additional comfort, additional storage space and additional sense of well-being. We asked Lee in an exclusive interview what he appreciates about Malibu and how he sees the further development of the brand. What were his answers? Read it for yourself!

Question: How long have you been brand manager for Malibu? How did it come about?

"I am working in this position for over 4 and a half years now.  The opportunity came about when the Carthago group wanted to expand the Malibu range, introducing Motorhomes into the dealer network in the UK and also to establish a separate dealer network from the Carthago dealers."

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Question: What do you particularly like about working with Malibu?

"The quality and design of the products is wonderful, also colleagues at the factory are great to work with."

Quality and design are part of our added values. Here, you can see an overview of all Malibu Van and Malibu motorhome added values:



Question: What has been your highlight so far in working with Malibu?

"Developing and growing the UK dealer network and seeing sales rise as the brand gets more established."

Question: Do you have a motorhome/van yourself? If yes, which model and how long have you had it?

"I am lucky enough to have a Malibu Van family-for-4 GT skyview 640 LE RB in Batic Orange, I have had it for just over one year."

Here a photo of Lee´s Malibu Van:


Question: What are special features of the market you serve?

"The UK has a different market to most with expectations of high standard equipment. Due to the unpredictable weather in the UK the motorhome is used in a very different way with more inside lounging and cooking space/features required."

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Question: What trends do you observe in the market?

"Since the COVID pandemic motorhomes and vans have become very popular and I see this demand to continue as people look to staycations. Caravans have always been popular here but the trend is moving more towards motorhomes and vans."

Question: What are the top sellers in the market you serve? Why exactly these in your opinion?

"As I said before, van conversions are very popular. I think this is because they are smaller and more compact than larger motorhomes and can be used as a second vehicle."

Question: What are you most looking forward to in the coming model year?

"To continue to grow the Malibu brand in the UK and have as many happy customers as possible enjoying their vehicle and making great memories."

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