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Published: 19.10.2022

What an adventure that was!

Directly after the Parma show, Salvatore Magliozzi from tototravel.it set off with our Malibu motorhome I 430 LE to start a very special tour. Within 20 days, he wanted to tour all over Europe with our Malibu motorhome.

His destinations?

The most extreme points in Europe! Not for nothing was the title of the trip "European Extreme Camper Adventure". It's a good thing that Malibu, with its unique double-floor, offers the largest storage space in its class - so Salvatore was able to take enough luggage on board to master even this extreme route.


Salvatore started at Lake Virmajärvi in Finland, the easternmost point of our beautiful continent. From this breathtaking, but also abandoned and difficult-to-access place, Salvatore set off for the next destination, which is at least as difficult to access: the northernmost point of the European mainland. This is not, as is often assumed, at the North Cape, but actually a little further north in Knivskjellodden. In order to get there, Salvatore first had to master a few kilometres of difficult-to-drive dirt roads with large bumps - but this was no problem for the high-quality Malibu furniture construction, which remained highly stable even in the bumpy terrain thanks to the double-connection technology and kept the noise level in the vehicle very low during the journey. Despite extreme and strongly changing weather conditions, Salvatore reached this extreme point after another 9 kilometres on foot, totally exhausted and freezing to the bone.

Back in the Malibu motorhome, Salvatore was able to warm up again quickly thanks to the special Malibu heating and air-conditioning technology - and thanks to the continuously heated double floor with floor heating effect, even the tired and ice-cold feet were quickly warm again and Salvatore was ready to continue the journey.


The next destination?
The lowest (man-made) point in Europe, which is in the home country of Malibu motorhomes: Germany. On the way from the North Cape towards Germany, Salvatore also had to deal with extreme weather conditions and many other difficulties. But the top-class body construction offered by our Malibu motorhomes once again withstood these extreme conditions and so, on the eleventh day of his journey, Salvatore was able to reach the lowest man-made point in Europe on time - the Hambach open-cast mine in Germany. The huge coal mine, covering 43.8 square kilometres, lies at up to 299 metres below sea level.

From the lowest point in Europe, it was not far to the most central point of our continent: Gadheim (Germany). From there, the journey continued directly to Portugal, where Cabo da Roca - the westernmost point in Europe - is located directly on the Atlantic coast. This not only convinced Salvatore with its breathtakingly beautiful landscape, but also had a fascinating and diverse animal world to offer.


His last stage took Salvatore from Portugal to Spain. Here in Punta de Tarifa is the southernmost point of mainland Europe, which was also the destination of Salvatore's journey. On this last section of his tour, the road conditions were difficult at times, but thanks to the Malibu visibility concept, which allows a view of the road after only 2.77 metres due to the extra-low dashboard, Salvatore was able to avoid all dangerous spots and reached his destination in Punta de Tarifa on time. This region is so southern that you can even see the coast of Morocco from there, which is only about 14 kilometres away from Punta de Tarifa.

Salvatore has made it! Exhausted but happy, he sums up this unique adventure:

"The trip has been very interesting […] and full of strong emotions and pleasant encounters. Breathtaking landscapes, amazing sightings of local wildlife, especially reindeer, and then the Northern Lights! Furthermore, experiencing it in a RV offers something extra: you feel even more enveloped by nature and part of the phenomenon!
And with such cold weather, nothing is better than having all the comforts at your fingertips! Every adventure is different and requires different challenges. But two things are always the same: the excitement of discovering new territories and ways of traveling, and the pleasure of meeting wonderful people. Now is the time to tell about the details of the trip in our articles, but also to plan the next adventure. So stay tuned because we will not stop sharing our passions!”


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