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Published: 01.12.2022

The Malibu Checklist

When the days get shorter, the wind gets fresher and the temperatures cool down, it's time to make your Malibu fit for winter.
Whether you are winter camping or mothballing your Malibu over the winter months, there are things to consider! The following checklist will help you get your Malibu ready for winter. 



Do you want to give your motorhome or van a winter break? If so, there a few things to do beforehand! The following overview will tell you what needs to be done before your motorhome or van takes a winter break. The next travel season can then start without problems next spring:

Checklist "How to mothball your Malibu"


  • Inspect your motorhome all round and look for dirt accumulations consisting of leaves or soil (particularly on the frame and the underbody). There is a risk of rusting in these areas because of the moisture that might occur there.
  • Clean the drains of doors and sills.
  • Wash your motorhome, polish it and seal it with wax.
  • Clean the window and door seals with rubber cleaning agent or solvent (Vaseline).
  • Refuel the vehicle before parking it up (diesel). Top up the AdBlue.
  • Clean and disinfect the fresh water and waste water tanks. Drain the tanks completely.
  • Be sure to check the antifreeze of the cooling water and the windscreen washing system.
  • Charge the starter battery and the supply battery.
  • Put the Lithium batteries into sleep mode
  • Close all openings (windows, doors and pipes etc.) against ingress by animals.
  • If your vehicle is on a level surface, put it in gear and release the handbrake. This will prevent the handbrake from seizing up during the winter.
  • It is best to park your vehicle dry and propped up in order to relieve the pressure on the tyres.
  • Inflate the tyres with approximately 0.5 bar above the normal operating pressure. Recommendation: use the wheel arches – this will prevent storage damage.


  • Close the gas cylinders, disconnect them and fit the dust caps to the cylinders. 
  • Leave the fridge door slightly open in the ventilation position.
  • Lift up the upholstery if possible, so that air can circulate all round it.
  • In order to keep down the humidity in the motorhome, put out some dehumidifying granulate (usually effective for 2-3 months).

You can set off in your Malibu during the winter. We have listed everything that you need to do before your tour in colder outside temperatures below:

Checklist "preparing your Malibu for winter camping"
  • Check the heating, the boiler and the fan in good time before setting off.
  • Check the condition of the spark plugs. It is best to replace them in sets.
  • Check the operation of the lighting, including the parking lights.
  • Check that all of the technical test stickers (TÜV, AU, Gas) are still valid.
  • Check the fill levels in the engine compartment.
  • Top up the engine and windscreen antifreeze, the oil and the brake fluid.
  • Use windscreen antifreeze that is suitable up to at least minus 25 degrees.
  • Lubricate the supports with salt water-resistant winch grease.
  • Seal the wheel arches and parts of the frame with underbody wax.
  • Wash your vehicle, seal it and let it dry properly. 
  • Replace the windscreen wiper blades.
  • Check the starter battery and the on-board battery. If a white coating is visible on the terminals, clean the terminals and coat them with terminal grease. Check that the screw contacts are firmly seated. Even with wet cell batteries that are supposed to be maintenance-free, be sure to check the electrolyte level and top up with distilled water if necessary.
What you should always take with you in winter
  • Torch and starter cables
  • Snow chains
  • Snow shovel and brush
  • Spare bulbs
  • Wooden boards to prevent the supports and tyres from sinking in during thaw periods
  • Ice scraper, de-icer spray for door locks
  • Warm work gloves
  • Coarse sand or salt as a traction aid 
  • Ladder for clearing snow and ice from the roof

Print out the checklist now and make your Malibu fit for winter!

Print the checklist