2 360° Malibu – a Carthago company 4 Malibu Model Range 8 Malibu Integrated – Highlights 9 Malibu Semi-integrated – Highlights 14 Malibu Integrated/Semi-integrated – in detail Kitchen Worlds 18 Bathroom Worlds 22 World of Sleep 26 The Malibu Added Value Guarantee 31 Top class bodywork 32 Malibu Heating and Air Conditioning Technology 33 Most storage space in its class 34 Malibu Pedelec garage 38 Furniture with cabinet maker quality 40 Malibu Visibility Concept 41 Malibu Worlds of Living 42 Malibu rental 43 CONTENTS There’s a lot more to say about our motorhomes than we can fit in the catalogue! We have therefore stored web codes for important topics, with which you can go directly to the relevant page at You can see and experience more there. There are three types of web code in the catalogue: WEBCodes: simply more information. These web codes will take you to 360° views of the vehicles or interiors. If you enter these web codes, you can watch a film on the respective topic. Web codes with this symbol take you to general information pages. All three types of web code are used in the same way. It’s quite simple: visit our website at and click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right. Then enter the digits of the web code in the search field and confirm. You will be forwarded directly to the required page. EN1008 * EN3002 * EN3001 * * The respective number codes are examples